CLASH POLL: Who’s Tougher – Grandpa’s Generation Or TODAY’S Young Adults?

Published on November 17, 2017

Does it ever seem like today’s college kids are growing up to be gutless and nutless? It may not be the usual suspects. A new theory might tell the real story.

Grandpa’s generation had WWII vets who stormed the beaches of Normandy, and wiped out the Japanese Navy after Pearl Harbor.

Grandpa’s generation had James Dean, Johnny Cash, and Charleton Heston.

Grandpa’s generation strapped themselves to rockets and landed on the moon. They drove — and maintained — muscle cars that they bought themselves.

They weren’t afraid of independence.
Of living on their own.
Of ‘committing’ in a relationship.

They wouldn’t be caught dead using the word ‘adulting’.

So what happened?

Why are colleges brimming over with safe spaces and Free Speech ‘zones’? Why do so many ‘kids’ in their 30’s still live with ma and pa?

A recent study gives a clue to explain it.

A study was released today revealing a startling number of middle and high school students who cyberbully themselves online. I really thought that was some kind of weird euphemism when I first read it, but no, it’s exactly what it sounds like. About 6% of kids between the ages of 12 and 17 admit that they anonymously post mean comments to themselves on the internet. Sometimes, apparently, the fake bullying victim will even engage in an angry, schizophrenic back-and-forth with his fake bully. It would be funny if it weren’t so disturbing and sad.

Interestingly, according to the report, gay teens are three times more likely to harass themselves in this way. We hear a lot about the alleged epidemic of homophobic bullying in our culture, but it turns out that a good chunk of the anti-gay bullying is as phony as the anti-gay hate crime hoaxes.
Source: Matt Walsh

Grandpa’s generation was taught to stand up to a bully, to knock him down, or at least make him regret picking on YOU instead of some other poor schlub.

Today’s kids play a different strategy.

Here’s why they do it: they’ve been taught that victimhood is power. These kids spend their time inventing fake bullies because victimhood is the highest form of social currency in our culture. Kids collect and count their bullies like they used to collect and count Pokemon cards. Maybe they still collect Pokemon cards, I don’t know, but collecting bullies is new.
…Everything is flipped on its head now. Kids today want to be the submissive, the persecuted, the pitiful. They wield power by not having power. They put themselves over others by putting themselves under them. They dominate by being dominated. They want pity more than they want to be admired or liked by their peers. They’d much rather be the bullied than the bully. And not because they are selfless and humble — quite the opposite. They are as arrogant and self-obsessed as ever, but also calculated, conniving, and dishonest on top of it all.
Source: Matt Walsh

And culturally, it’s already starting to backfire. Ask any of the Universities who’ve had to capitulate to the demands of their tiny tyrants.

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