CLASH QUIZ: Guess Which City Is Experiencing A Major SPIKE In Crime? (No, IT’S not Chicago)

Published on November 17, 2017

For three years in a row, their murder rate hit a horrible benchmark.

No, it’s not Chicago, but then again, it’s nowhere near Chicago’s size. But the numbers are still staggering.

Chicago has, according to the stat tally at HeyJackass, 614 homicides at the time we’re publishing this.

Meanwhile, Baltimore has more than 300 homicides in each of the last three years.

Baltimore population: 621,849

Chicago population: 2,705,000

Chicago is more than four times the size of Baltimore. But total homicides? Baltiore has about half as many.

Which means — per capita — Baltimore is twice as bad as Chicago.

Here’s the mayor reacting to yet another murder. This time, it was a cop.

Here’s another story form their local news JUST TODAY.

Deliberately targeted.

Mother and two small children.

What the hell is wrong with people?

From the video, above:

Last week the Baltimore police commissioner was fired up at a press conference, Wednesday, the mayor responded to those who are lashing out at her. They say she doesn’t take the violence seriously.
…Pugh fired back at critics Wednesday who question her leadership as Baltimore is closing in on one of it’s deadliest times ever, hitting 300 plus murders for the third year in a row.
… Many are calling for a more obvious presence of police in their communities.
“Unless you have more actively involved law enforcement, then I don’t know how this is going to end,” Baltimore resident Steve Bono. “We just can’t keep finger pointing, everyone has to take some responsibility.”
Mayor Pugh acknowledges the City is battling a shortage of officers, but that close to 200 individuals have already made it through the hiring process.
“When I first started, I said to the police department, fill every single vacancy that you have. We won’t really feel the impact of that until next year,” she said.

How did it get into a mess like this?

Some blame the Federal reaction to Ferguson…

The Obama administration has used this heavy-handed provision as a sledgehammer to put numerous state and local police departments under federal supervision. The suits accuse cops of “excessive force, discriminatory harassment, false arrests, coercive sexual conduct, and unlawful stops, searches or arrests,” as the Justice Department puts it in a brochure. The DOJ then bludgeons the targeted municipalities into agreements — “consent decrees” — that impose Obama-approved policing methods. Locales under the control of progressive Democrats tend to invite the administration to come “fix” their police. Other cities and towns would like to fight but they cannot compete with the Justice Department’s $28 billion budget; agreeing to comply is their only realistic option.
Source: National Review

… a ‘nationializing‘ of local police…

… and screwball funding priorities:

The Obama Justice Department turned down a request five years ago to help the Baltimore Police Department save a training program widely credited for improving the department’s relations with the city’s crime-ridden and minority neighborhoods and reducing homicides and police-involved shootings.
The department was seeking $200,000 in federal funding to help extend the Diamond Standard training program. It was discontinued in 2012 when Justice declined to act on the request and the city’s new administration decided it no longer could afford it, according to interviews.
The key organizer of the training told The Washington Times that he was floored when he later learned the same Justice program whose help he sought instead gave money to the company that produced the children’s PBS series “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.”
Source: Washington Times

Police budget was scrapped.

Well, at least they didn’t cut PBS. Romney might not have made the same decision.

That would have been terrible, right?

Yay for Big Bird!