Gunman Starts Shooting Up Walmart – What The Shoppers Do Is Bad@ss!

Published on November 3, 2017

Have you noticed mass murderers prefer to launch their killing sprees where their victims aren’t armed — like a campus, nightclub, theater or church? This is why.

If the guy who murdered three people at a Colorado Walmart thought he would be able to pick off terrified shoppers at will, it wasn’t long before he learned differently.

Shortly after he began shooting, shoppers all over the store pulled out their own firearms.

Perhaps that’s why the accused fled the scene so quickly.

It was a long ordeal, with the store sealed off, and investigations going until early in the morning, using Closed-Camera to track the movements of one armed shopper after another. Eventually, they identified the actual suspect — who had already fled the scene — and (after a chase) arrested him at his home.

Footage of the arrest:

Scott Ostrem, 47, had failed in business, had mountains of credit card debt, and — earlier that day — had just quit his job as a sheet metal fabricator. This would all fit the pattern of someone who thought he had nothing left to lose.

He wasn’t a nice guy, either. Reports are that he would greet neighbors with an ‘eff you’, and walk around with a rifle bag slung over his shoulder.

Previous brushes with the law were not known to have been violent in nature. Drunk driving, resisting arrest, and failure to appear.

The usual suspects will use this crime to further their gun control agenda — with explanations about how it would have specifically stopped THIS crime notably absent.

What they WON’T tell you is that he had time to murder three people before police could arrive on scene. And — if his plan had been to keep going — he could have killed a great many more.

But armed resistance was on scene.

There is no telling how many lives that fact alone may have saved, and whether or not it caused him to abandon plans of still greater violence.

Those concealed-carry shoppers could be unsung heroes, simply because they were a real deterrent to a murderous thug.

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