WATCH: Trump & Hannity TURN On AG Sessions – This’ll Leave A BRUISE!

Published on November 3, 2017

How much damning evidence about Hillary, the ‘dirty dossier’, Uranium, DOJ and the stolen Primary will we need before we see an independent investigation into Hillary?

Whether you think the Muller investigation is warranted or not, it’s clear that there is at LEAST as much evidence (far more, really) pointing to Hillary’s illicit Russian connections, sketchy financial dealings, and political interference as there is of anything with even a whiff of impropriety pointing to our President.

It was an open secret even BEFORE November 8th that ‘Her’ Primaries were rigged.

C’mon, really? Only TWO people in the whole country were even interested in the DNC’s top job? The only one to oppose Hillary was a doddering old Socialist — who STILL almost stole the nomination from her, despite DWS running interference for her? Hell, even would-be Whistleblower Donna Brazile who’s now trying to throw Hillary and co under the Campaign bus must have an addled mind to have forgotten her own role in helping Hillary win the Primaries — by helping her cheat in the debates, feeding her debate questions in advance.

Maybe that didn’t come up when Donna was weeping with poor Bernie last September.

Whatever the case, the Left KNEW she had rigged her OWN elections — and they STILL took her seriously when she accused Trump of the same thing.

If messing with the democratic process is a serious issue, it’s time we take it seriously.

And seeing the DOJ’s past inaction with respect to investigations on the left — failing to produce evidence when it was subpoenaed, Mueller knowing about Russian efforts to influence Uranium dealings, but standing silent as Hillary, Holder and Obama signed off on deal after deal that helped Russian Uranium interests and some — the Clintons and Podestas in particular — profiting handsomely in the process.

We even saw Comey drafting letters calling Hillary innocent even before he had interviewed her, and immunity was given to key figures under investigation.

Ultimately, we can no have confidence in the integrity of any DOJ ‘investigations’ into Hillary of the Obama adminstration’s key figures… especially now that we see how things like the IRS abuses, the Fast & Furious scandal and Hillary’s smashed cell devices were handled.

Maybe we need someone whose integrity can be trusted — perhaps someone like Jason Chaffetz — to lead an investigation into this flood of allegations coming to light now that Hillary is (politically) damaged goods and can no longer promise any of her hangers-on a ‘golden ticket’.

Sessions may have recused himself on the Russia file — but this is a whole other ballgame. If the DOJ is going to clean house, we might want to find out a lot of answers… including Mueller’s role (or curious lack of one) in the Russian Uranium file.

Even Mark Twain wanted to drain the swamp!

“Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason” – Mark Twain.

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