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News Clash

Hey CNN: Who Do You Think Gave This Gay Conservative Journalist MORE Grief, The Right Or The Left?

An editor for Two prominent LBGT Magazines gives an interview the Press would NEVER want you to hear.

Ask any Democrat or media type — who are the real Bigots?

It’s those damned ‘Deplorables’.

And the Tea-Party types.

And Evangelicals.

And gun owners.

And libertarians.

And so on down the list.

If you voted for anyone with an (R) after their name… or even showed anything less than lockstep disdain for the whole group of them, you are automatically ‘the enemy’.

And if you happen to be PART of one of the ‘special interest’ or ‘aggrieved’ groups the Left insists on breaking us down into, and STILL show even the slightest sympathy to the Right?

You forfeit your membership to that group.

You’re not ‘black’, you’re an ‘Uncle Tom’.

Equivalent accusations exist for women, Hispanics and gays.

According to someone who’s been on both sides of the equation, they’ve got it exactly wrong.

In the interview, above, is…

CHADWICK MOORE, former editor at large of the two largest gay magazines in the country.

In Part One, he and host Bill Whittle discuss how much easier it is to be gay among conservatives than it is to be conservative among the Left.

You know all that ‘hate’ the right supposedly heaps upon everyone who isn’t a lockstep traditionalist?

According to Chadwick Moore, it just doesn’t happen.

Wait until you hear what the so-called ‘worst attacks’ the right have sent his way. It didn’t even rise to the level of vitriol heard on any given day in British Parliament.

But that doesn’t mean he isn’t ANY getting hatred. He is.

He has friends abandoning him. He was fired from his job.

There were death threats, even.

But not from the right. Can you guess where they ARE coming from?

Here’s a hint, they probably have ‘COEXIST’ stickers on their Priuses.

Such tolerance. It’s breathtaking, really.

Keep spewing that hate speech, Leftists. Your own life and example serves as a much better ‘Red Pill’ than any mere argument the Right could muster.

Keep showing the world who you really are.

You’re doing our work for us.

Have a nice day!

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