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Minneapolis Police Department — Why We Should ALL Be Concerned By The Deafening Silence

July 15, 2017…a warm, but not uncomfortable evening in Minneapolis. Two police officers are sitting in their car, Officer Matthew Harrity is the driver and Mohamed Noor is in the right hand seat. A woman, Justine Ruszczyk, aka Damond, as the reports state, in her pajamas, approaches the car on the driver’s side and begins a conversation with Harrity. She mentions that she heard a noise at the rear of her apartment and, fearing a break-in, came out to report it to the officers, having already called it in, and to which they are responding. She is talking with Harrity when Officer Noor pulls out his weapon and, shooting the woman, and some reports say he shot several times, others say just one shot, kills her and she falls dead. Both officers are wearing body cameras, but neither was turned on. Noor, a Somali immigrant, had only been on the force for 2 years and, at that time was its only Somali officer.

Harrity has been interviewed by the Hennepin County District Attorney’s office, but Noor invoked his right under the Garrity Warning Law to invoke the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Simply put, under that law, Noor may NEVER face any charges. Repeated queries to both the DA’s office and the Minneapolis PD have never been answered and may never BE answered.

The question that I bring up now is this: Will this set a precedent of some sort, whereby a crime may be committed in Minnesota and because the perpetrator is an “immigrant” he/she, they may never be charged with anything or even be made to give a statement concerning the incident! As you read this you may be thinking “This is an isolated incident and why should I care?” … right? Wrong! On any given day, in any large city, except for the so-called “sanctuary cities”, an illegal immigrant is in a court. It may be for a minor thing, like drunk driving or driving without a license … or it could be that either of those minor incidents led to something bigger and more deadly.

Now…what’s this? Another Somali cop, also in Minneapolis, is in trouble? Did he murder someone, as Noor did? No, and the facts on this one are also murky, and again the Hennepin County officials and the Minneapolis PD have their lips zipped shut. Here’s what we do know…at least as it has been reported. The same police department recruited Ahmed Mohamed Jama onto their force to replace Mohamed Noor. Noor may still be on the force, or he may be on administrative leave, or he could just be a civilian now…nobody knows.

We have to call Mr. Jama an “officer-to-be” because of the peculiar situation, and let’s explain that. About a month after Noon murdered the woman, Jama was recruited into the PD. “Brilliant” as he appears to be, Jama, the very night before his swearing-in ceremony, and as a cadet, was arrested and jailed for yet another disturbing event. The local TV station reported that Jama’s “incident” was in a shock report that was quietly swept under the rug by the mainstream media. Police Cadet Ahmed Mohamed Jama, 29, was arrested and detained for threatening to shoot and kill his wife the night before being sworn in as a Minneapolis Police Officer. The police report states that Jama told his wife that he was going to “shoot her in the head” without fear of reprimand because he knew he would “get away with it,” as Noor apparently had.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that Noor was not exactly a good choice to be a police officer, anywhere? During the very quiet investigation into the Australian woman’s murder, Noor’s extensive criminal history surfaced, revealing that he has a penchant for physically assaulting women and a racial hatred toward black Americans.

Now, the same police department has another eerily similar incident on their hands, and they’re doing as much damage control as humanly possible to keep the media and American people from finding out. It’s very difficult to understand how such a couple of blatant “errors” occurred in the hiring of these two police officers.

It reinforces my belief that we need none of the so-called “immigrants”, “refugees”, and illegal aliens that come into our country every single day. By now, and I’m going by a recent FBI report (can we still believe anything they say?) that there are enemy “cells” in every state of the United States. Why are we not hearing that the Department of Justice, through its many “arms” is picking these people up, right off the street and sending them packing? It’s good that they’ve picked up MS-13 gang members, but it’s bad that those men will go back to their native country and, very soon, be back in the United States.

Parting shot: If you know of a “case” where an “illegal”, an “immigrant” or a “refugee” has committed a crime, no matter the severity of it, tell the police. If you live in a sanctuary city, tell the Federal folks and let them fight it out with the locals. The various anti-American groups have a definite agenda…the destruction of the United States. The saying, “If you see something, say something” rings true, so pay attention to it. We have to get control of our streets again. The silence is deafening, isn’t it? Sad.

Image: Excerpted from: Screen Shot: WCCO CBS Minnesota

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Larry Usoff

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