‘Monster Took My Virginity At 13’: More VILE Revelations Of Demoniac Who Shot Up TX Church

Written by K. Walker on November 8, 2017

Devin Patrick Kelley seems to have been one sick monster. Check this out.

Kelley was charged with animal abuse, was court-martialed for domestic abuse which left his stepson with a fractured skull, escaped from a mental institution, forced a minor into a sexual relationship, took nude photos of her, was investigated for rape, and threatened a stranger online with violence for a Facebook post.

If only there had been some sign that he could commit such a violent attack…

The man who slaughtered over two dozen churchgoers in Texas on Sunday forced a then-13-year-old girl to surrender her virginity when he was 18, it was learned on Tuesday.

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Brittany Adcock, 22, says that Devin Kelley was a ‘monster’ who forced her to pose nude for him and asked her to move into his home where she would be his ‘topless maid’ – even after he had married.

The young woman told the story to the Daily Mirror that she met Kelley at a shopping center when he was 18 and she had just turned 13.

Shortly after they met, their relationship turned sexual.

‘It wasn’t long after my 13th birthday but it didn’t deter him despite him being a man,’ she said.

‘Devin would beg to take pictures of me naked – to please him, I agreed.

‘I was so naïve. He was a lot older than me and I was bowled over an older guy would show interest in me.

You could easily understand how a young girl would be flattered that an older guy was interested in her.

She was simply too young to understand that he was a complete loser.

And he took advantage of the situation.

He took about a dozen pictures and then held them over me for the rest of his life.’

Soon after they met, Kelley ‘took my virginity,’ she said.

‘It was at my mother’s house. It was just awful when I look back.’

This dude was really freaking twisted.

Even after she broke off their relationship, Kelley continued to pursue her for years even though he had gotten married twice.

‘One of the worst things was just after he married his second wife three years ago,’ she said.

‘He said he would take care of me on condition that I live with them as his topless maid.’

Adcock sums it up Devin Kelley in one word.

He was a monster,’ Adcock said of Kelley. ‘The world is a better place now [that] he is gone.

I now know he was a pedophile. He used me to fulfill his sick kicks.’

Adcock said she thinks Kelley was a ‘ticking time bomb’ immediately after he was kicked out of the Air Force in 2012.

Kelley escaped from a mental hospital in 2012 as he faced court-martial on domestic violence charges for which he was later convicted, a police report revealed on Tuesday.
Source: Daily Mail


If preying on a vulnerable 13-year old girl isn’t bad enough, how about violent rape?

Records released by the Comal County sheriff’s office on Monday include a June 2013 report of an alleged sexual assault that lists Devin Patrick Kelley as the suspect.

The report says deputies were sent to his family’s home in New Braunfels at 11:44pm on June 17, 2013, to investigate a ‘rape by force’ report.

Comal County Sheriff Mark Reynolds said Tuesday that it appears sheriff’s deputies investigated the case for three months after being called to Kelley’s home, but stopped investigating after they believed Kelley had left Texas and moved to Colorado.

But wait!

There’s more!

The revelation was made as more women came forward to detail Kelley’s disturbing sexual behavior and threatening ways.

Two women who spoke to the My San Antonio said that Kelley sexually assaulted or harassed them when they were teens, while another woman who spoke to the outlet says Kelley sent her threatening messages online when she wrote a post criticizing President Trump.

When Kelley was in high school, he was harassing lowerclassmen — well, women. The Daily Mail has used the middle names of the women that have come forward to protect their identities.

A woman named ‘Alexandra’ says she was a freshman when Kelley was a senior at New Braunfels High School and that he would shove and grope her in the halls.

She says he also made lewd comments and ‘slapped’ her on the buttocks at least once.

She told her mother about the abuse and the two went to administrators to report Kelley.

‘He harassed me any time I was in school,’ Alexandra said. ‘I reported what I could to the school, but nothing was ever done.’

She eventually left the school in 2010, a year after Kelley graduated, because she was suffering memory loss from the harassment. The school was unable to confirm the report.

Another woman, ‘Dawn’, met Kelley in 2011. She was 16-years old and still in high school he had graduated. They bonded over their shared love of cars.

‘We just started hanging out. He was really nice at first,’ Dawn said. ‘Everything was fine.’

But she says Kelley quickly turned their relationship sexual, despite her protestations.

She says he first forced himself on her in the winter of 2011, when they were sitting in a car parked three mailboxes down the road from her house.

‘I said no,’ she said. ‘I’m a tiny person. Even if I saw him today, I would not be able to fight him off.’

Kelley raped her orally and vaginally several times over the next several days, she said.

Dawn told a friend and her parents about the assaults, but never filed a police report.

A third woman came forward saying that Kelley had sent threatening messages to her after she posted a message on Facebook criticizing the election of President Trump. [You know that the Media (D) will jump on that.] She had no interaction with Kelley before, and the beef was online.

But then she got frightened when he looked up her personal information as well as her cousin’s personal information online and threatened that he’d shoot her.

She says Kelley even sent her cousin threatening messages after the relative came to her defense on the post.

‘He had Googled her info and sent her a screenshot of her personal info, with a message saying if she stepped foot on his property, he would shoot her,’ the woman said.

The woman said Kelley did a similar thing with her, sending her a screenshot of her personal information and threatening to shoot her. After blocking Kelley on the social network, she never heard from him again.
Source: Daily Mail

Don’t you wish the Air Force had registered his dishonorable discharge due to domestic violence in the federal database that would have prevented this nutjob from getting his hands on those firearms?


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