QUESTION: Was ISIS Responsible For NYC & VEGAS Massacre?

Published on November 3, 2017

Delusions of grandeur, or that ‘virtual caliphate’? What do we make of ISIS claiming responsibility for blood spilled in America?

They called ‘dibs’ on responsibility for that nightmare in Vegas on October first. And now, on October 31st, they want to take credit for the NYC’s bike-path terrorist.

“ISIS has claimed responsibility for the New York truck attack, calling terrorist Sayfullo Saipov one of its ‘soldiers’ in its weekly newspaper.” — DailyMail

We saw the same sort of claim with Vegas… whose real motives are (if possible) even murkier now than when we first began.
ISIS Claims Responsibility For Vegas Slaughter — Here’s The 411

How seriously should we be taking these claims?

Are they the valid boasting of an enemy that is willing to adapt, and use even innocent things like trucks and pressure cookers to bring death to an enemy whose military they dare not face in manly fashion on a battlefield?

Or are they the terrorist equivalent to an ambulance chaser — finding some disgruntled maniac with murder on his mind, essentially passing out business cards on the murder scene, that people consider them for any of their ‘future terror needs’?

Maybe you’ve noticed, we hold these people in contempt. And so should you. Because — although they can be dangerous when weaponized — these are ultimately bullies and fools.

Their ideas are so inferior, that they dare not try to compete with Western ideals of freedom on a level playing field. They rely on bullying — even in America, they have groups like CAIR uttering threats of Hate Speech, Boycotts, frivolous lawsuits and the like to keep people in line.

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