Trump’s Latest Tweet To Crooked Hillary Is BRUTAL & PERFECT

Published on November 19, 2017

Hillary is desperate to find something — anything — get back the glory days of when she was her party’s ‘great white hope’.

It’s not going well.

Key word, here, is being ‘desperate’.

Desperate enough to go on a BS site that swings somewhere Left-Of-Bernie — Mother Jones.

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It was pretty bad.

To hear her tell it, the loss of Wisconsin had nothing to do with her spending her time doing other things like, say, lying about her health or fundraising with stars, instead of campaigning in — well — Wisconsin.

No, nothing like that. It’s Russia. Naturally.

The Russians used ‘weaponized false information’ that ‘wasn’t just influencing voters – it was determining the outcome,’ Clinton told Mother Jones.
Clinton also alleged that voter suppression in Wisconsin, a key swing state that Trump won by less than 23,000 votes, deterred African-Americans from going to the ballot box.
Source: DailyMail

She’s just bitter. And clinging to the hope that she can change her humiliating failure into something that makes her be anything other than a national laughingstock.

Sure, Hillary. Hold your breath.

Trump finds Hillary, well, hilarious.

He’s not just mocking her — he’s doing that, of course.

He’s TAUNTING her.

Three years, Hillary!

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