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Want More Proof The NFL Is Thug Rich? Watch This DISGUSTING Behavior

Behold your moral superiors.  Perhaps they should be able to get along just a wee bit better before they keep lecturing us about ‘police brutality’.

The 1700 players in the NFL seem to have a problem with assault, domestic abuse, and disorderly conduct.


Many are still ‘Taking a Knee’ for because of the ‘systemic racism’ and ‘police brutality’, oh, and the ‘gender pay gap’.

Of course, figures of speech make these allegedly ‘tough’ guys angry.

Check out Doug’s commentary on the recent ‘protest’ by the Houston Texans:

Now that there’s a massive protest against the NFL, many may have missed this new development.

On Sunday, two NFL players were ejected from the game for getting into a brawl on the field.

And it was pretty brutal.

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver AJ Green and Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey were both disqualified just before halftime after a physical altercation broke out at the end of a play late in the second quarter.

At the end of a first down run by Bengals running back Joe Mixon, Green put his hand on Ramsey’s shoulder, which led to Ramsey shoving Green to the ground.

Green reacted by wrapping his arm around Ramsey’s neck, pulling him to the ground and repeatedly punching him, requiring officials to step in to break up the melee.

Each player was assessed personal fouls on the play and was ejected from the game.


The fight seemed to be almost inevitable because, from early on in the game, the two seemingly exchanged words after every snap.

Green was alleged to have said: ‘I want him. Give me one more shot,’ repeatedly after the incident, but went on to apologize.

‘I apologize to my teammates, [General Manager Sashi] Brown, and everybody, because that is not who I am,’ Green told reporters after the game. ‘It just got the best of me today.

‘When you start trying to take cheap shots when I’m not looking and stuff like that, then that’s when I’ve got to defend myself and I’m not going to back down from anybody.’

AJ Green isn’t known for this kind of behavior.  It was, however, Ramsey’s second career ejection.

The action seemed to be out of character for Green, who is known as one of the NFL’s ‘good guys’ and a leader on the Bengals’ offense, albeit a frustrated unit so far this season.

Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers was quick to leap to the defense of his AFC North compatriot, saying: ‘that’s not like AJ !!!Not like AJ like he got great attitude something must be going on!’ on Twitter.

Source:  Daily Mail

This is another disappointment for the Bengals already craptastic season.  The team lost 23-7 to the Jaguars, and their record this season sits at 3-5.

Green is likely to face further disciplinary measures for his actions.

But do you care?

Are you still watching the games?

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