Drunk Chick Slaps Cop At UM Game, Cop RETALIATES, Did He Go Too Far?

Written by K. Walker on November 6, 2017

You don’t have to be a cop-hater to be scratching your head over this one. Did this cop over-react?

Here’s the scenario.

This female UM fan imbibed a just a ‘little’ too much ‘team spirit’.

She wound up drunk and disorderly and had to be carried — yes, carried — out of the stadium.

Drunk as she was, nobody would be really surprised to see she started swinging. She connected with one cop’s head in the process.

Bad idea.

He wound up and smoked her in the face.

Maybe it’s — on some level — fortunate that the civilian was the white person in this exchange. At least we will be focussed on the specific behavior of one officer, and not making wide-ranging accusations against the force as a whole.

Who knows whether that scenario would have triggered another round of riots and burnings?

The woman was already subdued, and being carried away.

Did she REALLY need a punch in the head to make her stop swinging?

Does that fall within the scope of police training? Or did this particular officer react emotionally, instead of professionally?

We’d love to hear from those among our readers who have served and have them shed some light on this. Would this reaction be Standard Operating Procedure where you are? Or should this guy expect to find himself on desk duty for awhile?

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