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Al Franken’s ‘Resignation’ Prompts This Urgent Question …

So Al Franken resigned. Sort of. Well, he said he resigned. He didn’t give an effective date. For all we know he intends to resign in 2019, take a vacation, and run for the Senate in 2020. It was a non-resignation resignation.

When Al Franken, when are you leaving?

For Democrats, were Franken gone tomorrow there would be no loss. Minnesota is an excessively blue state. No doubt Minnesota’s governor would appoint a left-wing idiot to fill the Franken vacancy. Keith Ellison might get the nod and that would set him up as the Democrat’s hope and change ass-hat for the 2024 Presidential election.

When Al Franken, when are you leaving?

Timing is everything. That’s probably what Franken was thinking when he had someone take a pic of himself pretending to fondle a sleeping woman on a military aircraft during a USO tour in Iraq. Franken delivered his non-resignation resignation on December 7th, a Thursday. That means going into the weekend, the Democrat’s expectation is that his non-resignation resignation will dominate media coverage and especially the Sunday shows.

When Al Franken, when are you leaving?

December 7th and the weekend that follows is key. On December 12th Alabama holds a special election for Senate. Roy Moore is a candidate for Senate. Democrats don’t want Moore to be elected to the Senate, and Senate Republicans – at least some – don’t want to seat him. The deep state you see, really needs a tangible victory because right now they got nuthin.

Sure, they won predictable victories just months ago in Virginia and New Jersey. Both states vote blue. It’s not a surprise that both went blue just months ago. Democrats view a win in Alabama as a tool they can use to show that their #Resist movement means something.

When Al Franken, when are you leaving?

Ah, #Resist. Those so-called woke folk. The ones that dutifully replaced words like “accomplishment” and “achievement” with “privilege” because, by doing so, that gave them a mechanism to enforce rigid conformity in the name of equalized outcomes. When of course none of the #Resist leadership enjoys anything approaching an equalized outcome in life. I mean, Chelsea Clinton’s first job out of school paid her $600,000 a year to do news items for Dirty Rock (30 Rock, aka NBC if you aren’t catching on) whenever Chelsea wanted. Did your first job out of school pay you $600,000 a year to basically do whatever you wanted whenever you felt up to it?

When Al Franken, when are you leaving?

Let’s say Alabama voters don’t feel up to electing Roy Moore. Will Franken still resign? Interesting proposition – yes, pun intended – isn’t it. But what if Moore does get elected?

When Al Franken, when are you leaving?

There will be hearings and Franken will be involved. Democrats will parade women wholesale the way slave-owners used to parade black people in slave markets. The #Resist jack-ass party that about a month ago discovered sexism will respond, not by respecting women, but by converting them into a product to parade around in order to score political profits.

How can I dare say these things? Because Al Franken is still in the Senate after his non-resignation resignation.

Image: Excerpted from: photo credit: AFL-CIO Field IMG_8431 via photopin (license)

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Andrew Allen

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