Bro Blames GAY Cyber Bullies For Sister’s Suicide – Is He Right Or Ridiculous?

Published on December 8, 2017

She hanged herself. And what happened just days before it has her brother pointing fingers.

It’s easy to spit rage and venom online. Because you’re attacking a stranger, and you’ll never be held to account for what you have to say.

But what happens if the consequences of those attacks are catastrophic?

The Fascistic Instincts of the Gaystapo collided with the rising tide of ‘no means no’ right of a woman over her own body.

Tragically, we saw that — at least in this case — the LGBT crowd cared more about ‘the cause’ than they did about ‘the individual’.

Mercedes “August Ames” Grabowski was best known for her role in the porn industry where the 23-year-old woman had appeared in more than 270 films.

But she wasn’t just ‘some dumb slut’. She was more complicated than that. Not only in her past and her vulnerabilities — she had been molested as a child — but she had certain lines she refused to cross.

She cared about her overall health, and because there are some specific acts that — however politically-incorrect it might be to acknowledge them — even the CDC puts in a very different risk category for diseases like HIV/AIDS.

And so — protecting her own health — she was selective in which actors she would and would not allow that most intimate of contact with. After all, she should have some say about who and what physically enters her body, right? In particular, as it relates to something that could compromise her health?

Not everyone thought so. It was bad enough that she gave this account of her own childhood:

That source of sadness may have stemmed from a troubled childhood, with Ames telling friend and podcast host Holly Randall weeks earlier that she had been sexually abused when she was a child, according to Radar Online.
‘I have an awful relationship with my dad,’ Ames told Randall. ‘I tried to forget about it and talk to him about how I was feeling about my childhood and everything, because there was a lot of sexual molestation — not from my father but from his [redacted] — so I had to suffer from being molested by my [redacted]. When I finally told my dad, he didn’t believe me,’ she explained to Randall on September 13.
Source: DailyMail

But it isn’t just ‘redacted’ that rejected the idea that she should have final say about who has sexual access to her.

The porn industry was no better.

A majority of female performers are apprehensive about doing scenes with male co-stars who have a history of gay pornography in their resume, believing it exposes them to a higher risk of contracting HIV.
Following the post, Ames was accused of being homophobic, as social media users clamored for her to issue an apology.
Source: DailyMail

When she learned that the man she was to shoot scenes with was also involved in gay porn, she said ‘no’. And Twitter lit her up.

(The details of that story were covered here: Adult Film ‘Star’ Labelled ‘Homophobic’ For A Tweeting THIS – Look What Just Happened To Her)

Meanwhile, James Grabowski said he was still reeling over the sudden death of his baby sister, telling The Sun newspaper that he blames cyber bullies for pushing her over the edge.
‘I want my sister’s death to be recognized as a serious issue – bullying is not ok,’ he said. ‘It cost me my baby sister’s life.
‘I will do what I can be a voice for Mercedes but right now my family and I need to be left alone to grieve – we have lost a loved one.’
Ames recently suffered a torrent of online abuse after posting on Twitter that she would not be doing a scene with a male performer who had previously done gay porn.
Source: DailyMail

What bullying does he mean?

Bullying like the cyanide pill post above (screenshot courtesy Twitchy because, naturally, the coward deleted the tweet once exposed).

Maybe her final tweet offers a window into what was on her mind near the end…

No less a name than Jenna Jameson is going full attack mode over this issue, calling out the cowards by name.

The morons who are so casually willing to counsel suicide to strangers might want to think twice about it. Or have they so quickly forgotten this story?

A woman who sent her boyfriend a barrage of text messages urging him to kill himself when they were both teenagers was convicted Friday of involuntary manslaughter in a trial that raised questions about whether words can kill.

The judge found that Michelle Carter caused the death of Conrad Roy III, who intentionally filled his truck with carbon monoxide in a Fairhaven, Massachusetts, store parking lot in July 2014.
Source: GlobeAndMail

Aren’t these the same sort of ideologues that would taunt their political rivals with slogans like ‘Love Trumps Hate’?

Where was all that love, support and compassion when Mercedes really needed it?

Oh right. They only show kindness to people that agree with absolutely EVERYTHING they say. Everyone else is a ‘Nazi’ that’s ‘fair game’ for them to punch at.

How long will it take before people wake up to the fact that such thinking has consequences?

There was a real woman, broken and devastated on the receiving end of all that twitter hate. And what hope was offered to her?

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