DEAR CNN: Here’s 6 Things That SHRED Your Roy Moore Blather – Good Luck

Published on December 8, 2017

With Franken’s non-apology on the Senate floor, and the Roy Moore pile-on, Ann Coulter opened up a 64 oz can of whoop-*ss.

When she goes ham on someone, look out, she’s going for the jugular.

Here are some of the points of Leftist Hypocrisy she raised that ‘traditional media’ never will.

1 — the claims made against Moore are contested.

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They’re contested, not just by Moore himself, but even by the STEPSON of one of the accusers (who will be voting for Moore) is calling her a liar.

Has anyone in the media mentioned that Judge Moore sent the BROTHER of one of the accusers to prison? Is THAT relevant, maybe?

2 — The Yearbook

The signature claimed as evidence has NOT been submitted for handwriting analysis by Gloria Allred, despite Moore’s team requesting they be analyzed.

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3 — ‘Multiple Accusers’

The media is presenting the case against Moore as stronger than it really is. Only two of the women claim anything that — if proven — would suggest criminality on Moore’s part. And that is including the one who’s stepson is calling her story into question.

4 — He’s ‘Creepy’

This is a reference to claims that while he was technically dating girls above the age of legal consent (in Alabama at the time, it was 16) and is not accused of forcing himself on anyone, the fact that he dated girls so much younger than he was is ‘disqualifyingly’ creepy.

Is that so?

They would have been closer in age than, say…

Jerry Seinfeld was (39) when he dated 17-year-old Shoshanna Lonstein? See the outrage on the cover of People Magazine?

‘In Love’ and ‘Unlikely Romance’.

After that withering criticism, he never showed his face in Hollywood again, right?

As Coulter put it:

That would also make Moore 15 years younger than Bill Clinton when he had a 22-year-old intern performing oral sex on him in the Oval Office. Moore’s date “accusers” say he did nothing more than kiss them.

If Leftist Journalists are so short on ‘molesters’ that they are willing to throw relationships that they would normally defend and approve of in the same pile, then we have every right to question the real motives of the people reporting the story.

From there shows the logical fallacy in the if-you-don’t-condemn-Moore-you-are-calling-these-women-liars claim.

And that’s just scratching the surface!

Conyers — the Democratic ‘ICON’ (that’s what Pelosi called him only days before calling for his resignation) who ‘retired’ (wa Democratic euphemism for ‘was forced out of office in disgrace’) had a relationship that the media neglected to call out as ‘creepy’, too.

What about the guy who laid the foundation of the Public Education system we take for granted today?

Do we write him off as ‘evil’ now?

Margaret Knox née Stewart (1547- after 1612), was a Scottish noblewoman and the second wife of Scottish reformer John Knox, whom she married when she was 17 years old and he 54. The marriage caused consternation from Mary, Queen of Scots, as the couple had married without having obtained royal consent.

And of course, that one question that leaves every ‘Progressive’ flummoxed…

Is Mohommad a respected prophet and the great founder of a major religion … or a pedophile who married his favorite wife when she was 6 years old, and consummated the marriage when she was nine? (Related story: DEAR CNN: Islam’s ‘Prophet’ Married A 9yr. Old Girl – Is That An Inappropriate Relationship?)

5 — Those 2 explanations are NOT the only options on the menu

Again, quoting Coulter:

They could be misremembering. They could be confusing Moore with someone else. They could be suggestible. They could be delusional. They could have repeated the story to themselves so many times that they believe it. They could be really, really disgusted with Jerry Seinfeld.

The main accuser has gotten a lot of her facts wrong, such as where she was living at the time (she moved to another town 10 days after meeting Moore); the corner where she allegedly met Moore for their liaisons (she named a corner more than a mile away from her house, across a busy intersection); and when she began to get into trouble with boys and alcohol (it was before meeting Moore, not after).

The obligation on the public’s part is to take an accuser’s claims seriously.

That is different from taking them as ‘unassailable truth’ in an important way — testing the claims against known benchmarks — for example, known historical facts, comparative handwriting analysis, story inconsistencies or potential motive to falsify claims — are still appropriate, when possible.

Ask Rolling Stone what harm can be done when you take every claim at face value, without scrutinizing them.

6 — The Big Finish

Her big finish (which we recommend reading in its entirety) breaks down how the Left hammered the GOP over comments one Congressman made about how Pages looked ‘hot’ in their soccer shorts … while defending the following:

More than 20 years earlier, a Democratic congressman, Gerry Studds, who had actually buggered a 17-year-old page, indignantly defied his House censure and proudly stood for re-election. His outraged Massachusetts constituents elected him six more times. Washington Post columnist Colman McCarthy denounced the “witch hunt” against Studds, saying his critics wanted “to torch the congressman for his private life.”

These are the people who are pretending to hold the moral high ground over Roy Moore.

And Ms Coulter is NOT willing to forget that, nor forgive them for it.

There are many others who share that view.

What about you?

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