CNN Busted Using Iranian State Propaganda As ‘Trusted’ News Source

Published on December 31, 2017

To their credit, at least THIS time, the source isn’t ‘unnamed’.

The good citizens of Iran have had enough of their totalitarian dictator, and they are rising up in protest against them.

This is the same regime, you will remember, that Team Obama was so desperate to pacify that they were willing to overlook a Billion-Dollar-A-Year terror, drug, weapons, and money-laundering network. In the end, Obama wound up delivering a planeload of unmarked bills to them.

And CNN, like other news networks, was lockstep with Obama in that project.

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Obama’s flunkie, Rhodes had actually bragged about that:

Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes made the comments as part of an extensive profile in The New York Times Magazine. The article detailed how Rhodes’ “war room” worked to influence Capitol Hill lawmakers and reporters as the details of the Iranian nuclear deal were being hammered out in negotiations.

“We created an echo chamber,” Rhodes said, when asked about arms-control experts that appeared at think tanks and were then used as sources for hundreds of reporters – whom the article described as “clueless.”

Of those experts, Rhodes said: “They were saying things that validated what we had given them to say.”
Source: FoxNews

So should it really surprise us when CNN gets busted being an echo chamber…

…for the Iranian Regime itself?

CNN was posting images from Tasnim News Agency, the official media arm of the Iranian government
“What the f-ck is CNN doing,” one of my Persian family members screamed, “They are posting images from the Iranian government in their coverage of Iran!” Unlike me, my extended Persian family trusts CNN, and they were appalled to see CNN post images from Tasnim News Agency.

The Tasnim News Agency’s mission, it says right on their site, includes “Defending the Islamic Revolution against negative media propaganda campaign and providing our readers with realities on the ground about Iran and Islam, specially current wave of the Islamic Awakening in the region are top on our agenda in Tasnim News Agency.”
Source: Medium

CNN screengrabbed right off the pro-Iranian regime propaganda site… and had to change it after getting busted.

You know, the same government regime that shut down their internet!

Leftist news outlets elsewhere seem to be following that same trend:

And so Twitter made fun of their obsession with a ‘mysterious’ white truck hampering CNN’s efforts to ‘Paparazzi’ Trump’s golf game:

Meanwhile, the President is being congratulated for being a strong defender of the Iranian people.

With tweets like this one:

That’s exactly what the good citizens of Iran needed to hear back in, well, 2009. Who was President back then? And what were his priorities?

Isn’t that the same guy who ‘cheered’ the ‘Arab Spring’ that led to the collapse of several countries and the rise of Islamist regimes?

But when the people of Iran wanted change… he had nothing to say. Nor did the Democrats’ lapdog media.

Maybe that explains another of Trump’s tweets this weekend:

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