DEAR AMERICA: In The UK Muslims Can Scream Out Death Threats – But You Can’t Say Squat About Them

Written by K. Walker on December 14, 2017

These Brits are getting hammered by the justice system that took forever to convict a well-known hate cleric.

Anjem Choudary was well known for supporting radical Islamic Terror, ties to ISIS, and he was milking the system.

The ‘mastermind’ of the London Bridge attack was found to have ties to Choudary’s group.

But, according to the British way of thinking, they’re not the problem, it’s the racist, xenophobic bigots over at Britain First that are the real problem.

Those Britain First people with their peaceful walks carrying crosses just might incite people to violence.

As opposed to training them in jihad, because that’s totes kewl and ‘multicultural’ or something.

Freedom of speech is a sacred thing that is unique to the United States of America.

Don’t believe me? Check out this B.S. that’s happening in the United Kingdom.

The leader of Britain First and his deputy were both arrested today after arriving in Belfast for a court hearing over alleged ‘abusive’ speeches.

Paul Golding was detained in the Northern Irish capital before Jayda Fransen appeared before a court accused of behaviour intended or likely to stir up hatred.

Golding’s arrest and Fransen’s court appearance were in relation to a demonstration they attended in Belfast on August 6.

So, lemme get this straight — Muslims can carry signs that advocate beheading of those that insult Islam, but the leaders of Britain First warning about cultural genocide are being arrested for ‘abusive’ speech?

Ummm… did these peeps not see what happened in Sweden recently?

The Britain First group has been warning about a cultural crisis that Britain is facing.

There are some real questions there that need to be answered even if you don’t side with that particular group:

– Will Britain stay British?
– Should it?
– If Britain becomes Islamic due to immigration and population changes, what will it be?
– What would that mean globally?
– Will freedoms that were normally granted as part of Western ideology be clawed back for the sake of ‘diversity’?

See? Real questions.

Golding and Fransen have been pretty vocal in their warnings. Some have labeled them ‘supremacists’ while others say that that sort of language is too inflammatory and that Britain First is about culture rather than race, and equating them with neo-Nazis — even in an oblique way — is wrongheaded.

Fransen appeared in a video posted online yesterday, apparently filmed in Belfast, in which she spoke about ‘civil war’ in the UK.

A police spokesman said: ‘Detectives investigating speeches made at the Northern Ireland Against Terrorism Rally on Sunday 6th August this year have arrested a 35 year old man today in the Belfast area.

‘He has been taken to Musgrave PSNI Station for interview. There are no further details at this stage. ‘
Source: Daily Mail

If the Brits are going to go mental over the speeches made by Golding and Fransen, perhaps they could take a bit more attention to things like this confrontation with the Home Secretary when he had a meeting in what was described by a Muslim protester as a ‘Muslim area’:

Fortunately, here in the United States, we finally have a President with balls who isn’t a wussified little pansy that constantly preens and bows before the international community.

President Trump calls terrorists the ‘evil losers’ that they are, and gave our U.S. military the go-ahead to free the people in the Middle East by stomping out ISIS and turn it into WAS-WAS.

We need to protect that freedom of speech from the wussified masses that would take it away from us.

There’s only one message we want to give to ISIS that doesn’t come out of a weapon.

ISIS. This radical terrorist organization is a virus… a worldwide plague. These a$$holes are willing to kill their own women and children to annihilate who they call “infidels.”
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