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News Clash

Dear CNN: Look At The Cop Killings Under Obama Vs. Trump – Is That ‘News?’

Experts are still trying to put their finger on the reason for the change.

Some knee-jerk cop-haters don’t understand why we appreciate and respect our cops the way we do.

It’s simple. There are bad men out there with no respect for the laws that govern a polite society. People who don’t care about killing civilians. About robbing, bullying or molesting people.

Society’s answer to bad men (and women) is good men (and women). We give them badges, handcuffs batons and guns, and thrust them into situations the rest of us don’t even want to know about.

They’re first on the scene in a domestic abuse situation — often endangering themselves in the process. And in other situations, police make themselves visible to reduce the danger of crime to the regular citizens in dangerous neighborhoods and become targets themselves. Like the lady Cop (Miosotis Familia) and mother who was gunned down in cold blood in NYC.

But in recent years, people like Colin Kaepernick, and groups like BLM have whipped up rhetoric and Obama did his part to throw gas on the fire, alleging ‘systemic racism’ and taking a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ approach with the police force.

Fast forward to January 2017.

There is a change in government. A change in messaging.

The year opened up with riots — who can forget the scene of Larry King’s burning limo on Inauguration Day? But they were not tolerated like they had been in previous years.

Police were not encouraged to ‘give room to destroy’. Trump ran on an explicit law-and-order platform, and we have seen that play out in policy.

Even Baltimore — having recognized that leaving police positions unfilled is a problem — is prioritizing hiring cops again.

It’s too soon to pinpoint exactly what is responsible for the change — whether it’s better tools and equipment, or police policy and training, whether it’s the upswing in the economy, whether it’s a political climate where it no longer pays off to rage at cops, or whether it was an outlier.

But the numbers themselves are encouraging.

The number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty dropped sharply in 2017, marking the second-lowest toll in more than 50 years.
As of Thursday, 128 officers have died in the line of duty this year, with 44 shot and killed. That’s down 10% from 2016, when 143 officers died, with 66 gunned down, according to data released by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, a nonprofit aimed at honoring officers and improving safety.
Source: USA Today

Maybe next year we can set a new ‘best’. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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