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News Clash

Punk Attempts Carjacking Until 9yr Bro Springs Into Action – You’ll Love This!

Day-um. Dirty Harry would be so proud of this kid.

You can bet that’s the last time this would-be carjacker goes ‘way down to Kokomo’.

It started as a routine stop at a gas station. It ended as an irresistible opportunity to include this famous movie scene in a news story:

Kevin Cooksey and Kyle Sparling stopped by the One Stop as strangers for different reason, Cooksey needed ibuprofen for his wife and Sparling wanted Doritos. They didn’t know they’d end up leaving together and chasing after someone they say tried to steal both their cars.
Source: WTHR

The nine-year-old son (Larry) was waiting in the truck while dad popped into the store. The door was left open, and the truck was running. Some punk saw that as an opportunity, ut didn’t count on seeing a badass little boy inside.

He opened the door to see this staring back at him:

Here’s the news report:

The car-jacker bolted and made off with another vehicle instead.

The boy’s father, and the owner of the vehicle he did steal gave chase.

By the end of the story, the good guys were safe. The stolen vehicle wrecked. And the bad guy was arrested.

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