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Dear Feminists: Should Male Rappers, Who Constantly Grab Their Crotch, Be Protested?

Here’s a conundrum for the whatever-wave-this-is feminists out there.

There was a great big march last January with women in pink kitty hats, some of whom wore vagina costumes to show that they (ironically) didn’t want to be seen simply as body parts.

One of the key speakers at the Nasty Women’s March was Ashley Judd.

And then, the bombshell of the open-secret in Hollywood that Harvey Weinstein was a creepy serial sexual harasser and probable rapist.

Do you remember who it was that opened the door for other accusers to come forward?

Ashley Judd.

The #MeToo movement has become so big that it was Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’. (Time seems confused as to what ‘person’ means, but hey, it’s 2017 and some folks don’t seem to know which bathroom to use.)

Oddly, Ashley hasn’t said boo about the male rappers that constantly grab their crotches.

There’s Chris Brown, the a-hole that beat the tar out of Rhianna:




Jay Z does it:

It even spills over into the pop world. Justin Bieber has been grabbing his crotch for years:

Now women are doing it, too.

Here’s Obama’s ‘great rolemodel’ for young girls, Beyoncé:

Is Ashley Judd cool with all of that?

Isn’t it harassment?

After all, telling her she was pretty made her try to get an airport employee fired.

Rappers, however, still have the highest percentage of crotch-grabbers as a group.

Jay-Z was interviewed by NPR a few years ago and the issue of crotch-grabbing was addressed:

TERRY GROSS: Can I ask you a question you might find weird? But since part of your goal in the book is to kind of explain your generation and explain the music to people. You know how a lot of hip-hop artists, when they’re on stage, they kind of like, grab their crotch?

Way to go, Terry, with those riveting questions.

Check out Jay-Z’s bizarro answer:

JAY-Z: Well, a lot a times in hip-hop – like in rock ‘n’ roll, you’ll have bands who tour the world. They get in vans, and they tour the world, and they do rinky-dink clubs. And they get bottles thrown at them and, you know, until they hone their craft, until they become, you know, rock stars.

In hip-hop, the music leads first. So usually, you have a hit record, and then you throw this person on stage who’s never been on stage before, you know, because the music leads.

So they don’t have any experience on how to perform in front of people, hold the mic, you know, all these different things that you need to know as a performer.

So when you get up there, you feel naked, right? So when you feel naked, what’s the first thing you do? You cover yourself. So that bravado is an act of, I am so nervous right now, and I’m scared to death. I’m going to act so tough that I’m going to hide it. And I have to grab, you know, my crotch. That’s just what happens.

Terry tells Jay-Z that he assumes it’s a ‘swagger’ kind of thing.

GROSS: I thought it was kind of the opposite, like this stuff is so good…

(Soundbite of laughter)

GROSS: …I’m going to show off. No?

JAY-Z: That’s, that’s what – yeah, they want, that’s what we want you to believe.
Source: NPR Music

So, basically, Jay-Z just admitted that rappers are p*ssies.

After Eminem’s bizarro and extremely lame freestyle rap attacking President Trump, nobody is surprised.

Tell us something we didn’t know.

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