Sex Scandals: How Come Only This Religion Can Get Away With Them?

Published on December 21, 2017

With a very controversial funeral in the Vatican, it’s time we revisit this issue.

Cardinal Bernard Law getting a full Cardinal’s funeral at St. Peter’s Basilica is not sitting well with his victims.

The Boston-area native says she is a survivor of sexual abuse by a priest. Law, 86, died Wednesday, 15 years after he resigned as Boston’s archbishop amid allegations that he covered up for pedophile priests like the one accused of abusing MacPherson.
“With his passing, I say I hope the gates of hell are open wide to welcome him,” MacPherson said Wednesday.
Survivors including MacPherson are outraged over the Catholic Church’s plans for a full cardinal’s funeral for Law in Vatican City on Thursday, saying he deserves no such dignity.
Law remained a Cardinal after resigning as archbishop of Boston amid the scandal. The funeral mass he is receiving is what any cardinal in Rome would receive, his successor, Cardinal Sean O’Malley said. However, O’Malley surmised that today, such a title or honor would not be accorded to a clergyman accused of the same misdeeds.
Source: CNN

Chances are, you’ve heard about this and many similar stories about abuse by priests because they get widely reported, as they should.

The media loves reporting about ‘systemic’ abuse in the Church. But somehow, case after case after case of public school teachers taking sexual liberties with their students never gets characterized as ‘systemic’.

Maybe it’s a matter of religious trust? Is that it?

Religious institution needing to be held to a higher standard and all that?

How has Linda Sarsour’s decade-long campaign to destroy a victim who dared allege abuse by a Muslim man Linda knew holding anything to a ‘higher standard’? #FakeFeminist

Worse yet, have stories like this next one made even a ripple in the mainstream media?

They call it “bacha bazi,” translated as “boy play” – Afghan militia men throwing boys into sexual slavery. What’s worse yet, the U.S. military has turned a blind eye to this obscene practice. The front page of The New York Times carried the headline  “U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies.”

Soldiers who tried to stop this abuse act actually being punished by the U.S. military. A photo caption read: “Dan Quinn was relieved of his Special Forces command after a fight with a U.S.-backed militia leader who had a boy as a sex slave chained to his bed.” Quinn beat up the abuser.

Given the media’s obsession with all things anti-military and anti-sexual abuse of boys, you’d expect a coverage stampede. Except for one thing.

Terry Mattingly at the media site GetReligion observed that the Times piece itself had a “massive, gaping hole.” Islam was left out, with bland sentences like “the American policy of treating child sexual abuse as a cultural issue has often alienated the villages whose children are being preyed upon.”

Read more: Newsbusters

Boy-play? It is so common that it has a name? That’s SICK.

And sounds systemic.

But strangely, we’re not hearing any media outrage over it. Probably because they can’t use it to discredit a cultural enemy like the Church.

Do you suppose the media might begin to care about those abused kids if they knew a way they could leverage a Senate Seat out of it?

Yes, we’re now officially that cynical about the mainstream ‘news’.

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