Stealth Jihad: Islam’s ‘Baby Steps’ In The West

Written by Larry Usoff on December 11, 2017

It is a constant surprise to me that so many people in this country have absolutely no clue as to what is going on. You might think, seeing the marches, the protests, the screaming, the destroying of private and public property, that those people DO know what is happening…but they don’t. It would be wonderful if people could gather, say in a public park, and listen to the various orators on their “soap boxes” as they present what they believe to be the truth. Yes, that would be wonderful…but that’s not the America of today.

America today has been drawn and quartered, with the pieces being placed in little boxes, so that they can be readily identified. After all, how can you argue with, or despise, someone about whom you know little or nothing? Within the last few months there have been colleges declaring, in one form or another, that free speech is either dead or severely wounded. Businesses have made concessions of one sort or another in order not to be picketed or worse. Even the armed forces were forced to join in social experiments that, so far, have not proven their worth…at least not to me.

Oh, you want to know about baby steps? Watch a child learning how to walk. They take little steps, carefully registering in their developing brains, how they did that and what results they got. If something doesn’t work, maybe for the first time, they might ponder about it and, in a few minutes, try it again. Those first, faltering steps, the baby steps, give way to toddling and once the balance business is conquered, they are more confident and start taking steps in a firmer attitude…maybe even a little running now and again. When a child reaches the point where they can finally run, and get into all sorts of things before you may catch up to them, well, that’s when the absolute power that you once had, begins to slip away…little by little. As teenagers they know everything and reject nearly everything that you propose.

Stealth jihad, and if you don’t know what jihad is, it’s a holy war by Muslims, against Infidels. For 1400 years Islam has been waging a war, using all sorts of tricks, to defeat and conquer Infidels, and we are Infidels…every last one of us, unless you happen to be a Muslim. The stealthy part comes into America and other civilized countries (translation: The West) in many forms, some so cleverly disguised that you might not understand it to be jihad…but it is.

Just a few instances of how stealth jihad works, and a preface of sorts…Islam considers land it once held as theirs, forever. Islam considers that if you recite the words that make you a Muslim, no matter how or why they were uttered, you are a Muslim, forever. Islam does not allow anyone to leave the cult, under penalty of death. Now then, a school district gets a gift of several hundred or thousand textbooks, a freebie. The books are heavy in the instruction of Islam and quite light on the other faiths. Nobody complains…it was a freebie and the school district saved money.

A business is forced, under threat of not just a strike, but a lawsuit, to allow prayer for five times a day, plus the usual breaks. Another business might be forced, for the same reasons, to build a special room for the Muslims so they can pray. Still, another business will have to build/supply special bathing facilities for foot-baths. CAIR, which is the Council for American Islamic Relations, will initiate a lawsuit at the drop of a hat…if that hat offended one of their people. A Muslim police officer in Minneapolis murdered a woman in cold blood and may never get a trial, much less any prison time. Islam’s so-called culture allows and condones honor killings, rapes and torture…because they say it’s in the Qur’an. Very few people have actually read the unadulterated Qur’an, and so Muslims take these little baby steps to their ultimate goal of domination.

Every time a baby step is taken by a Muslim, and that concession is granted, they consider that a victory. We, the Infidels, might consider it trying to get along with a group, but to them, that’s a victory.
Getting a Muslim elected to a political office, no matter how lowly that office might be, is a victory for them. It’s a slow process, this domination of the world, but they’ve been at it for 1400 years and, being patient, they’ll take however many years it requires to accomplish. Demographically speaking, they are out-populating their host countries, and that is a victory of a different level. Those children, as they grow, will be indoctrinated and eventually will own the host country. It is estimated that, by 2050, several countries in Europe (soon to be Eurabia) will be Muslim-dominated and become caliphates.

Parting shot: We rallied together right after 9-11 but, having short memories, have gone from despising to welcoming the same types of people that perpetrated that awful deed. Jews, Christians homosexuals, intellectuals, in fact anyone who knows how to think for themselves, will be eliminated, under Islam, if they are allowed to overthrow the United States. Whether you call them baby steps or, as I do, little victories, they ARE gaining on us, we are helping them to kill us!

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Larry Usoff
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