Trump Sex Accuser Was Actually Begging Him For A Job Last Year – Here’s The 411

Written by K. Walker on December 19, 2017

She didn’t want this news to get out, but here we are. Check out this truthbomb…

Now that everyone is digging into allegations of sexual assault from decades ago, the left has hauled out the women that were accusing President Trump of sexual misconduct before the election.

(Did you notice that those women disappeared after he won?)

Well, just like in Poltergeist, they’re ba-aack.

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Jill Harth, the makeup artist that accused Trump of ‘attempted rape’ in 1992 was so traumatized that she emailed The Donald in 2015 begging for a job after he announced that he was going to run for President.

“Hi Donald, you are doing a tremendous job of shaking things up in the United States. I am definitely on Team Trump as so many others are,” Jill Harth wrote the future president in an Oct. 1, 2015, email sent to him through his New York company’s headquarters.

I can’t watch television without seeing you or hearing your name everywhere! It’s a good thing for sure but PLEASE let me do your makeup for a television interview, a debate, a photo session, anything!” Harth wrote.

“It kills me to see you looking too orange and with white circles under the eyes. I will get your skin looking smoother and even toned,” she added, boasting she would “sculpt your face” to look good on high-definition television sets.

Sounds traumatized, right?

Now, I’m no expert, on the behavior of sex assault victims — but it seems to me that if a powerful man attempted to rape a woman that woman wouldn’t go groveling to that man for a job.

Her emails were vastly different from how she portrayed their interactions in the 1997 lawsuit that she filed against Trump and the interviews that followed her 2016 pre-election accusations.

She acknowledged that she had to write flattering emails to him to make the pitch because of his ‘huge ego’.

Harth even went out of her way to meet with The Donald to pitch her new men’s line.

Business is business, I guess.

“I went to a rally for Trump in January 2016 in South Carolina. We met and we had an understanding that we would let ‘sleeping dogs lie’ in regards to that old complaint,” she emailed The Hill, describing the encounter.

The emails to Trump show Harth personally made the request to meet him at the South Carolina event and made a total of four different requests to do the president’s makeup, the first being sent on Aug. 6, 2015, to Graff.

Harth wrote Graff that she had a “winner of a project that I want to approach Mr. Trump with” and that “I also would like to show my support for Donald and his campaign.

She added, “He knows better than anybody how important image is. He still looks great after all the time I’ve known him, since 1992, but I can make him look even better.”

Then, in January 2015, she emailed this:

“I also want to put it out there that I would be willing to say at a rally or somewhere how [Trump] helped me with my self-confidence and all positive things about how he is with women to counter any potential negativity that may come out at some point in the campaign,” she wrote to Graff.

I have always been very fond of Donald and I CARE about him,” Harth wrote to Graff in August.
Source: The Hill

It would seem that Harth found another job.

She hired Lisa Bloom and got her mortgage paid off.

So… lemme get this straight…

– Harth accused Donald Trump of attempting to rape her in 1993. She says that while giving her a tour of his Mar-a-Largo Resort, he pushed her against a wall and tried to put his hand up her dress.
– She filed a federal lawsuit in 1997.
– She dropped the lawsuit for unknown reasons.
– Trump announces that he is running for President.
– Harth then emails him for a job and to promote her new men’s product line that she has developed.
– She offers to be a surrogate and discuss his impact on her and his positive interactions with women in general.
– She meets with him in South Carolina saying, ‘bygones’.
– She doesn’t get the job.
– In the waning days of the 2016 Election, she lawyers up with Lisa Bloom.
– Bloom sets up a GoFundMe page for Harth.
– Bloom gets Democrat donors to pay off Harth’s mortgage.
– Harth still wants the President impeached because a ‘leopard can’t change its spots’.

Right back atcha, honey.

An opportunist is an opportunist is an opportunist.

It certainly looks like that’s a fitting description of Jill Harth.

We’ve all wondered for a long time, but it looks like medical science has finally determined the problem.

It’s spreading like a plague. For some reason, Liberals are losing their ever-loving minds.

Trump Derangement — and Romney Derangement before that — and Bush Derangement before that are only the tip of the iceberg.

What is driving them so berzerk?

Looks like we’ve found an answer:

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