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Watch: ‘The 12 Dons Of Christmas’ Parody Song Will Drive Your Liberal Relatives Nuts

Make sure you are watching their reaction when they get to number five!

Usually, when someone does a Christmas parody tribute, it comes out tired and cliche, and you can hardly wait for it to be over so you can go back to your life.

Usually, yes.

But not this time.

Becuase the lib-left has SO over-played their hand with the ‘literally Hitler’ dumbassery that this is a thoroughly satisfying shrimp-fork in the eye of all his critics.

And it’s easy to see by the production value that the folks editing this knew what they were doing, blending scenes of the fetching Mrs. Trump decorating for Christmas with some of the highlights (and lowlifes) of the last twelve months.

This is for sure the only place I’ve ever seen a MOAB detination worked into a Christmas clip.

And stick around to #12. It’s perfect!

Unless you were ‘with her’, you’re going to love this.

If you WERE ‘with her’, this song is a great opportunity for another good cry.

Either way, grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage, crank up the sound, and give a little thought to who else may enjoy this as much as you have.


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