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News Clash

Which Trumpian Figure Of Speech Should Be Word Of The Year?

Tired of lame words like ’emoji’ ‘Selfie’ and ‘Vape’ getting all the attention? Trump has all the best words. Believe me.

Trump is larger-than-life. He’s YUGE! His use of language is doing what his critics can’t. It’s moving the needle on culture.

Whether it’s MAGA, YUGE, Covfefe, bigly or any of our other favorites, there’s a reason our President has a remarkable ability to light up Twitter.

He is a natural entertainer. His words may not have the polish and eloquence of an NPR talking head, but he has one thing that they don’t… a following.

But as entertaining as his words are, they’re even BETTER when they pack a punch.

He’s been trolling the media for months now, calling them out for being…

Fake News.

Trump even mentioned hypothetical fake news awards for the networks. The idea was answered by this twitter response:

President Trump’s Fake News trolling has been driving the Dinosaur News outlets crazy. And with every discredited news story (e.g. Russia Dossier/Collusion), suspended reporter (e.g. Brian Ross), ‘independent journalists’ having Partisan Emotional Meltdowns on election night (this video clip never gets old), or sicko caught with his pants down after pouring out his righteous indignation about what he thinks about Trump’s alleged treatment of women, the partisan attack dog media is facing something it’s never seen before.

Pushback. And that pushback is YUGE, believe me.

As a result, the media credibility has cratered. People would trust an amateur dentist before they’d trust what the ‘mainstream media’ is telling them.

What are the other phrases he has he given us?

Crooked Hillary. Those two words have smashed the careful image of her the press had been curating.

Little Rocket Man. (It finally got the whole world discussing the North Korean dictator when they had worked so hard to ignore him.)

MAGA. ’nuff said.

Covfefe. Was it intentional or a typo? Who cares, it’s a FANTASTIC new addition to the lexicon!

They’re all YUGE.

But probably none of them will make it in the ‘official’ word of the year. (SAD!)

If the vote were up to you, which Trumpism would you pick as YOUR favorite? Feel free to get creative. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

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