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Will Leftism Reduce America’s ‘Grand Experiment’ To A Wretched Petri Dish?

America is at the tipping point. After 100 years of Leftist aggression and indoctrination, half our population is enamored with the likes of Bernie Sanders, a lifelong communist. Curiously, Bernie is a millionaire, one of the 1%, just like Barack Obama! He owns three houses and drives an expensive Audi sports car. Bernie wallows in the wealth delivered by the very system he condemns.

However, he is consistent. All communist leaders enjoy prosperity while their subjects grope for scraps from the rulers’ tables. Bernie, like the governors of Oregon and California, is a radical environmentalist as well. In addition to insisting we pool all the money and use government to force total income equality (thus killing incentive and the greatest prosperity machine in history), Bernie and Friends demand the industrial West dismantle the great economies in the name of addressing man-made global warming, virtually insuring the entire planet go the way of Cuba and Venezuela. (Millennials we pray are in the process of learning about the evils of communism and the proven benefits of capitalism.) Never mind the theory of man-made global warming is a problem so ill-defined, solutions are elusive or non-existent, though proponents reap huge profits behind fears flamed by fudged data.

At least the governor of Oregon is honest about her intentions along these lines. Like Bernie and secular progressives everywhere, she sees government as god, a god to be worshipped, one demanding blood sacrifice. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown at a climate conference in Germany recently repeated what she said when first elected last November, that she will make sure Oregon becomes a “petri dish” for her progressive policies. She will make Oregonians her lab rats. The honesty part? She at least admits her policies guarantee nothing, because they are subject to experimentation, and therefore great risk is involved.

What experiments have been unleashed thus far by Kate the Red?
>Total government funding of abortions on demand throughout gestation covering abortions for illegal aliens. This will require tens of millions of dollars in new spending, opposed by at least half the voters. No doubt profits at Planned Parenthood will increase substantially, and when selling baby parts is legalized, the sky is the limit!
>Sweeping Green regulations via executive order: mandates on new construction to be solar ready, with measures to triple the number of electric vehicles in the state by 2020. Builders insist costs will be prohibitive and slow or halt affordable housing construction. Folks sing the glories of emission free electric cars until they realize the energy must come from somewhere (paid for by taxpayers) and when they learn the batteries are highly toxic.
>Sanctuary State status, promoting illegality, hampering law enforcement, encouraging illegal immigration, putting citizens in harm’s way. Still, we must experiment in the name of universal human rights, American sovereignty and the rule of law be damned!
>Governor Kate Brown is the most extreme gun control advocate. Thanks to her efforts Oregon gun owners are now subject to confiscation without due process, the Constitution be damned. Her gun control efforts have just begun!

Among the other policies high on the experimentation list in Oregon: legalized marijuana, decriminalizing hard drugs, assisted suicide, persecuting Christian business people unwilling to promote same sex marriage, an assault on religious liberty, a violation of Constitutional rights.

The governor of Oregon appears very interested in raising taxes without dealing with government debt. She is very interested in passing more regulation on private enterprise.

Like Bernie, redistribution of income and radical environmentalism are near and dear to her heart, yet the priorities for Oregonians are: jobs, transportation, healthcare, and corruption in government. This governor’s priorities are not in line with the priorities of the voters.

Moderate Democrats and Millennials, take note: your vote matters. It will determine the direction of Oregon and the country at large. Will we become more and more like the Soviet Union, or more and more like the America envisioned by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Madison?

Radicals like Bernie Sanders and Kate Brown never learn. They just keep insisting on experimentation. They seem addicted to power. They appear to enjoy lording it over others. And no matter how many times their policies fail, they are adept at demonizing all opposition, insisting we try the experiment just one more time. When will they ever learn? Never. Learning is not the goal. Domination is the goal.

Image: Public Domain; by Linda Bartlett; National Institutes of Health

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Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.

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