Video: U.S. Bros Blast 5 ISIS Targets And It’s Pretty Epic And Very Thorough

Published on December 24, 2017

Here’s your feel good video of the day. Because who doesn’t enjoy watching murderous ISIS idiots get completely blown up?

Impressive video released by the US Defense Department shows the jaw-dropping moment airstrikes take out five terrorist targets at once — plus one moving vehicle.

The video begins with an aerial shot of a series of ISIS compounds near Manbij, Syria, on July 5.

A split second later, precision airpower explodes five targets simultaneously, blasting a series of buildings linked to the violent extremists.


A second video shows Operation Inherent Resolve — the operational name for the military intervention against ISIS — in action against a moving target.

In the video, a coalition airstrike destroys an ISIS vehicle as it nears Waleed, Iraq, on July 7.

The bomb impressively strikes the vehicle as it speeds through the desert.

The car continues to speed through, ablaze, until it halts to a stop.

The objective of the airstrike was to deny logistics lines and disrupt terrorist operations, officials said.

Meanwhile, the US-led coalition fighting ISIS in Syria has been accused of killing more than 100 civilians since June.
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