WATCH: This Particular Andy Griffith Show Would Be BANNED By Liberals Today

Published on December 5, 2017

Back before helicopter parents and political correctness, boys still knew how to have fun. Here’s what it looked like.

They actually played outside.

They could play with cap guns and shoot at each other.

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Followed by a melodramatic death scene worthy of Shakespeare.

They could play down by the creek.

By the creek!

Without any regard for supervision, or floatation devices, or environmental impact studies!

And what were they going to do by the creek?

“Hunt Indians.”

What did he say????

Yes. Hunt ‘Indians’.

Because ‘Cowboys and Indians’ was a kids game. Good guys and bad guys. Our side and their side. Like cops and robbers (and even that would be nearly as ‘offensive’ as Cowboys and Indians).

It was the kind of game where kids learn the basics of courage in the face of a credible threat, defending something bigger than themselves.

Maybe it was a fort. Maybe it was the rule of law.

Structured play in safe environments, and ‘defending the planet’ from ‘Big Oil’ just doesn’t stir a boy’s soul in the same way. Which probably accounts for the dramatic rise in “pajama-boys” and “soy-boys“.

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