Did The Biblical Writers Ever Call A Place A ‘Sh*t-hole?’ – The Answer Might Surprise You

Is it ‘unChristian’ to use such language? Or are we insisting people be ‘nicer than Christ’?

The usual suspects are clutching their pearls.

They’re shocked — Shocked I tell you!

Somebody said ‘sh*thole’. (Or didn’t.)

And now the entire crew of CNN have collectively lost their minds.

But supposing Trump did say it… how would that rate to the sanctified language used in the Bible?

Is it Anathema? Or is it in line with other things that have been said?

Doug Giles takes it on.

Did The Biblical Writers Ever Call A Place A 'Sh*t-hole?' – The Answer Might Surprise You

Did The Biblical Writers Ever Call A Place A 'Sh*t-hole?' – The Answer Might Surprise You

Posted by with Doug Giles on Monday, January 15, 2018

… and this isn’t even getting into questions about the Apostle Paul’s outrageous statement in Galatians 5.

The Bible’s a raw and earthy book that does NOT pull punches.

Especially if you know just how raw the original languages were.

Paul ‘counting it all as loss’, for example? Wasn’t saying loss.

He was saying crap. But he was using stronger terms.

Tell that to the Church Lady and watch her squirm.

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