Buddies: Look What Communist Dictator, Raul Castro, Gave Obama – Would You Take His ‘Gifts?’

Published on January 12, 2018

He certainly did get friendly with the tyrant’s regime, didn’t he?

Normally, if you get a significant gift from a foreign government, you are supposed to politely decline. Of course, if it’s impossible to decline without causing offense to the giver, there are protocols and procedures to deter corruption.

For example, you don’t get to keep the gift. It gets received into the National Archives — unless you choose to ‘buy it’ for an equivalent value.

Obama not only canceled the ‘wet-foot-dry-foot’ policy for people fleeing Cuban authoritarian rule, but he got pretty cozy with the Castro family when he went to visit.

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(For anyone keeping score, he tried to manipulate Israel’s democratic election to overthrow Netanyahu, but he played footsie with Iran and Cuba. #Priorities)

He even let Cuba score a Propaganda triumph when Obama posed for this photo with Che in the background.

If you’re wondering why Florida is supporting Republicans, maybe this is a clue.

Over his Presidency, Obama got a number of presents from Castro.

So it made sense that Cuban leader Raul Castro provided more than $2,000 worth of his nation’s most famous consumer products and other items to Barack Obama, his family and a top aide during the former U.S. president’s final two years in office, according to federal documents posted online on Wednesday.

The gifts were apparently aimed at celebrating Obama’s rapprochement with Cuba, which included an easing of the U.S. ban on importing Cuban liquor and tobacco.
…The documents posted Wednesday by the State Department’s Protocol Office indicate the Obamas and deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes turned over their Cuban cigars and rum to the Secret Service and the archives.

Castro gave Obama 205 cigars of an unnamed brand, a humidor and cigar cutter along with the bottle of rum in 2015. The tobacco and booze were accompanied by a carved wooden bust of Abraham Lincoln.

The next year, Cuba’s president gave former First Lady Michelle Obama a white linen dress and a large decorated ceramic plate worth an estimated $1,190.

The Obamas’ two daughters also received linen dresses from Castro, two prints and a Cuban music collection on CD valued at $1,164.

Rhodes got 10 cigars, a silver earring and necklace jewelry set and a music CD worth a total of $670 in 2016, according to the State Department documents that will be published in Thursday’s editions of the Federal Register.
Source: DailyMail

Should American Officials be gracious in receiving gifts from tinpot tyrants (and drug Kingpins) like Castro?


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