State Dept: Americans Told To Avoid These 5 Mexican States – They’re As ‘Dangerous As Syria, Afghanistan and No. Korea’

Published on January 12, 2018

How is this possible? There ARE no ‘bad hombres’ in Mexico, remember?

While our politicians wrestle with questions of immigration — including whether we’re going to get that wall we were promised, what’s going to happen with DACA and whether the government is going to get shut down, trouble is brewing south of us.

Trouble which puts this leaked Democrat memo in perspective:

DACA’s Full Of Caca: Leaked Memo Confirms Dems Need The Illegals To Fill Their Paltry Party

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How much do Dems REALLY care about the ‘unintended consequences’ of anything they cram down our throats? Do they care about anything but the naked power grab?

After all the abuse Trump took for saying something unpopular about criminal aliens (since Dems don’t like the word ‘illegal’) coming in from Mexico, we’re finding out that he wasn’t far off.

It’s unpopular to say that culture matters and that some cultures are better than others.

What about cultures that have some of the world’s highest murder rates?

We are explicitly told NOT to travel to North Korea anymore. Because we don’t want another incident like what happened to Otto.

Syria and Afghanistan — it’s pretty obvious why those would not qualify as ‘tourist destinations’.

But Mexico? That place where so many people plan their Spring Break because booze is cheap and the weather is warm?

You might want to rethink that trip. Pronto.

Five Mexican states have been issued with new travel advisories by the State Department that puts them on a footing with war-torn Yemen and Syria.

US citizens are being told not to travel to Colima, Guerrero, Michoacán, Sinaloa, or Tamaulipas state due to widespread violent crime and gang activity.

The states were issued with a level 4 warning on Wednesday under new State Department guidance, the same level as Afghanistan, Somalia and North Korea.

Guerrero, one of the country’s most violent states, is also home to Acapulco, a popular tourist resort on the Pacific coast.
Source: DailyMail

Still going to Acapulco? Does your trip include contingencies for coming home in a box, you know, just in case?

And what’s ripping them apart?

The ‘good people’ of Mexico are being torn apart by Drug Cartels.

Things like Meth and Heroin.

The state produces more than half of Mexico’s opium poppies, which is the base ingredient for heroin.

Drug cartels have taken advantage of the growing demand for heroin in the US.

According to The Washington Post, more than 90 percent of the heroin consumed by Americans originates in Mexico.

In order to meet the growing demand, poppy production has been ramped up by 800 percent in less than a decade.

Of course, now that Obama’s administration gave Hezbollah the breathing room they needed to become a big player in these ‘industries’ drug crime can be literally funding terrorists, chemical weapons, and even the Nuclearization of Iran.

So to recap —

Dangerous drugs like meth and heroin are being mass produced there.

The cartels themselves are now KNOWN to be funding our enemies.

And Democrats are still in favor of sanctuary cities?

AND Democrats want open borders, so more people from Mexico can swarm into America unchecked?


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