Conan Claims Haiti is “Beautiful” After Vacationing At Swank Resort – It Backfires Spectacularly!

Published on January 22, 2018

Do late-night guys have any schtick that DOESN’T involve hating Trump?

It’s really getting repetitive.

Remember that meeting Trump arranged where the press got to stay and watch what happens? Well, Trump got awesome press out of that, so little Dick Durbin couldn’t have the press saying anything nice about Trump. So he got everyone worked up about a cuss word that may or may not have been said in that particular way.

Durbin, of course, has a history of lying, so we’ll probably never no. But glass-half-empty that they are, of course the ‘comics’ of late-night ran with it.

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The same people who’d frequent the same parties as Weinstein were shocked — shocked! — to think that any particular place (besides America) could be called a Sh*thole.

So Conan went to Haiti.

He visited a glitzy resort. One that costs $200 a night. Since the average income there is something like $400 a year, only the foreigners can afford to actually stay there.

That was a fact lost on Conan.

But he still waxed eloquent about how wonderful Haiti was.

There was a picture.

However, it was soon revealed that O’Brien had taken the images from inside the Wahoo Bay Beach Resort, a luxury bubble at which rooms cost $254 dollars a night, a whopping sum when you consider that most Haitians make little over $400 a year.

Twitter responded, as only Twitter can:

The previous day, he had a photo op taking a poke at Trump with a hat — Haiti is already great.

If he cared about the people and not just the op, he would have written it in French.

And a pretty simple response:

The NPR told a story about Port-Au-Prince not having a sewer system. And about people getting washed away in the effluent when the rains fill the open ditches that serve as makeshift sewers.

So, basically, NPR called it a ‘S-hole’.

Check-and-mate, Conan.

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