Dear Feminists: Hillary’s Foundation Has A Mega Pay Gap Between Men & Women

Written by K. Walker on January 8, 2018

You’d think that Hillary would have dealt with this issue years ago.  Apparently, it just wasn’t a priority.  Your jaw will drop when you see the massive difference in salary — it’s shocking!

Hillary ran as a feminist.  She’s played the woman card her entire career.

Any failure on her part isn’t actually her fault, it’s really the fault of chauvinists, sexists, and misogynists.

That’s one of the 493,627 reasons that she lost, right?

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There is one thing that ‘feminist’ Hillary has been screeching about for years — the so-called ‘Gender Pay Gap’.

She’s called out Republicans for not dealing with the issue.

Check it out (Note the expression on the face of the woman directly behind her, it’s a hoot!):

[We probably shouldn’t note that the only black woman that she had up there as a prop was standing directly behind her.]

But wouldn’t it be awkward if Hillary has been short-changing women that have worked for her for years?

Oh, dear… that seems to be exactly the case.

WikiLeaks has published email showing that the campaign knew and did nothing.

From the Podesta email dump:

$190, 000 pay gap.

That seems like a lot, doesn’t it?

It’s so drastic that staffers on her campaign were concerned about how it would affect Hillary’s election bid.

This pay gap was so wide that the Clinton campaign worried that the “huge discrepancies” would be noticed by journalists, according to internal Clinton campaign emails exposed by WikiLeaks.

The stark numbers come from the foundation’s public 990 tax forms for the year 2014, which list the highest-paid employees. The Clinton Foundation identifies its top leaders, all executives with titles like CEO, director or senior adviser.

That list included four women and nine men. The men averaged $291,000 in total pay. The women averaged $210,000. Many of the men clearly outranked the women in the leadership team.

The women earned 72 cents for every dollar a male executive made on average.

That’s worse than the national average Clinton cites in her “equal pay for equal work” speeches. The national average is 79 cents on the dollar.

Source:  CNN Money

It’s not just at the Clinton Slush-Fund Foundation, either.

It was the same for her staff when she was a Senator.

Yet another of the ‘open secrets’ that affected women negatively.

And Hillary wanted to be the one that broke the ‘glass ceiling’?

Hillary’s wage gap is totally different from the ‘wage gap’ that she speaks of.  The Clinton Wage Gap is legitimate discrimination — misogyny if you will.

She’s literally paying less to women doing the same or very similar jobs as the men.

That’s not quite what leftists claim the wage gap is, though.

The Left is constantly saying that President Trump isn’t fit for office because he has no experience, or whatever.

Do you know who is really unqualified for the job of President of the United States?

How about Hillary and her inability to properly understand basic math?

Watch ‘Factual Feminist’ Christina Hoff Sommers debunk the Gender Wage Gap with actual facts and figures:

Hillary has pushed this ‘Wage Gap’ nonsense for years, but she’s turned a blind eye to both her Foundation and her Senate office paying women less than men.

It’s a damned good thing that she lost in 2016.

That harpy is mental.


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