Dear World: Is Hitting Someone With A Brick Considered A ‘Hate Crime?’

Published on January 19, 2018

And before you answer, the victim was fourteen years old.

And maybe you thought racial tensions were getting out of hand in your city.

We don’t have names, as they were minors.

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But the kid who took the brick in the kisser did everything he could to avoid the fight. And judging by what his father said, the writing was on the wall.

If the kid had fought back — and it sounds like he was quite able to — it sounds like his race may have been held as a ‘strike against him’.

“The bully then went away and came back with a tennis ball and acted like he was going to throw it at the children.”

He said his son then asked the boy to stop.

The father said during a confrontation that followed the boy told his son “his breath stinks” and his son told the boy he needs a haircut.

Thereafter the boy said he would throw a rock at his son, the father said.

“The boy went and fetched two bricks and my son took the bricks out of the boy’s hands and threw them away,” the father said.

“He then went and fetched another and threw it right at my son’s face.”

The father said he was very proud of his son.

“My son does karate, my son plays rugby and I can promise you that he could’ve badly hurt that boy,” he said.

“The manner in which he handled it was incredible, if he chose to hit back he would also have been on the guilty bench right now.”
Source: News 24

A brick to the head could have crippled him. Or worse.

Charges were filed.

This was South Africa. But take a look at how activist groups have been trying to drive wedges between ordinary (unhyphenated) Americans.

Think about the rationale in the story where a burglar was shot dead, and the family member tried to claim that he was from the hood, and how else was he supposed to pay for school or clothes?

That story here:
Woman Kills Punk Robbing Her Home – The Response Of The Punk’s Family Is Mind-blowing

And now claims of Racism are being brought into the DACA showdown.

(And if you think DACA is about race, you obviously haven’t seen the outrage of outraged ‘minority’ Citizens taking Cali lawmakers to task, here: Watch: Black Bro Goes Off On DACA & Cali Lawmakers – It’s Brutal And Hilarious)

Can we all get back to being E Pluribus Unum?

Is that too much to ask?

For Conservatives — (as the word had been used until recently) — “becoming American” was enough. If you can love this country, it’s story, it’s freedoms. If you obey the law, work hard, and help to build a community with your neighbors, the hyphens don’t matter. To Conservatives, someone like this is not a (something)-American. — No. — You are simply: An American. A full participant in the American experience, and in its story.

Liberals, on the other hand, react differently. They don’t see some celebrations the way Conservatives do. They tend to focus more on the failings (both real and imagined) of the American Experiment. Old traditions are continually challenged and overturned by this group, so joy or pride in their country is often absent.
Original Clashdaily article here

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