‘Worse Than Watergate’: Disgusting House Intel Memo Reveals FISA Abuse by DOJ and FBI #ReleaseTheMemo

Published on January 19, 2018

As Joe Biden would say, this is a ‘big effing deal’.

Watergate. It’s the scandal so big that almost every other scandal is named ‘-gate’ after it.

It all centered around the abuse of power. Nixon tried to bug his political opponents, to eavesdrop on their private meetings. Then the famous cover-up followed.

It eventually led to Nixon’s resignation and the ruination of his reputation. His name has since been synonymous with political scandal.

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But now, people privy to the facts are saying the current situation is ‘worse than Watergate’. And no, we don’t mean Trump and the ‘Russia Collusion’ — unless you mean the events that triggered that investigation.

He’s not the only one raising such concerns.

If they’re saying what it SOUNDS like they’re saying, it could mean that the whole elaborate #Resist scheme to sabotage a Trump White House may have, in fact, backfired.

After the closed-door meeting about the FISA documents, we heard the following quotes:

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) appeared on Fox Business Network, where he stated that the memo challenged “the very foundations of democracy,” adding, “if the American people knew what was happening if they saw the contents of this memo, a lot would become clear about the information that I’ve been talking about the last several months.” The memo concerns the Obama FBI, Department of Justice, and then-candidate Trump.
Source: DailyWire

Gaetz added, “I think that this will not end just with firings. I believe there are people who will go to jail. You don’t get to try to undermine our country, undermine our elections, and then simply get fired.

Remember when Hillary said Trump was a threat to Democracy because he took too long saying he would accept the result of the election?

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) stated, “I viewed the classified report from House Intel relating to the FBI, FISA abuses, the infamous Russian dossier, and so-called ‘Russian collusion.’ What I saw is absolutely shocking.”
Source: DailyWire

And Lee Smith of Tablet Magazine raised this issue (emphasis added):

…The DOJ, the FBI and perhaps the CIA would be embroiled in a scandal likely to have long-lasting and sweeping consequences for intelligence collection, national security, and the safety and privacy of American citizens, to say nothing of how it will demoralize federal law enforcement, which will appear to be mired in partisanship and political corruption. Even more disconcerting is the increasing likelihood that the Steele dossier was used as a platform for a Russian information operation, which successfully managed to leverage nearly the entire American press corps and sections of the security bureaucracy toward the goal of encouraging Americans to rip their own country apart.
Source: DailyWire

People will go to jail. Or so they are saying.

Which leads us to ask:

Will anyone from Obama’s upper tier be made to face the music?


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