Eminem Blasts Trump Voters – Also Says A ‘F***ing Turd’ Could Do A Better Job Than Trump

Published on January 27, 2018

Seriously? Is this guy still around?

A lot of people are trying to ride the Trump Train to some level of cultural relevance.

Steven Colbert, for instance, was circling the ratings toilet until he found his show’s ‘secret sauce’ — anti-Trump hatred. Others have played that same card. Some less successfully than others:

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Eminem has been desperately trying to bait Trump into a Twitter war.

Last year, Eminem did a really weak anti-Trump rant. The kind of cheezy political material that the kid who gave us 8-Mile might have been ashamed to attach his name to.

Doug Giles had a thing or two to say to him in response:


Why? He wants the ratings that a Trump Tweet will get him — he’s released an album, you see. He’s sold out. Whatever he might claim about his humble beginnings, he’s now all ‘marketing’ and no ‘street’.

As far, no dice.

The ‘bright sparks’ at Billboard think they’ve got it figured out:

“I actually think Trump is afraid of Eminem. This is a situation where a bully has met his match,” says political commentator Mike Muse. — Billboard

Right. Take on 16 GOP opponents, and their backers, the DNC and THEIR backers, win the Presidency, survive an ongoing war of attrition with the media — and he’s afraid of a punk-ass dope who can’t even figure out how to get along with his own relatives.

Sure. Keep telling yourself that. Underestimating Trump has worked out SO well for his critics so far, hasn’t it?

Eminem is still trying to get that twitter war going. He had an interview with Billboard, and he let the profanities fly.

“I know I say a lot of f*cked-up shit,” admits Eminem in an earnest moment, sunk into a leather couch with Rosenberg after the photo shoot. “But a lot of sh*t is said in jest, it’s tongue-in-cheek, and it has always been that way through my whole career — saying sh*t to get a reaction out of people. It’s my artistic license to express myself. Last time I checked, Trump isn’t an artist and doesn’t have an artistic license. I’m not the f*ckin’ president.” –Source: Billboard

Oh. So little Marshal’s now the arbiter of the First Amendment. Isn’t it funny how a freely a guy coming back from rehab can assume the authority to jump up on his Puritanical soapbox and start preaching at the rest of us.

In his recent sit-down with Billboard, Eminem said: ‘I know that Hillary [Clinton] had her flaws, but you know what? Anything would have been better [than Trump]. A f***ing turd would have been better as a president.’
Source: DailyMail

She ‘had her flaws’? You mean, like selling out her country for personal gain?

Dude, look up ‘sellout’ in the dictionary. You’ll find your picture there.

‘I called it just from the rallies he was having when he first started running. Because just watching the impact he has, they were fanatics. There is something to be said about the person who really felt like he might do something for them – and he just f***ing duped everybody.’
Source: DailyMail

He might do something… duped everybody…

You know who he ‘duped’? Warren Buffet. Yeah. That ‘know-nothing’ (he’s a Liberal, by the way!) sunk a net of $12 B into the stock market between Trump’s election and inauguration day. It really paid off for him, too. Wanna account for that, slick?

Or those Record Stock Market gains?

Or record employment levels — including among those you figure he doesn’t give a damn about — women and blacks?

Did your company pay you a bonus with tax savings? Check the list.

Dear Race Baiters: Under Trump, Black Unemployment Is At A 17yr. Low #MAGA

If you’re wondering why Trump hasn’t tweeted you back?

It’s because you aren’t worth the effort, Marshall.


Maybe you can pick a fight with Kid Rock, instead. Now THAT would be entertaining.

He’d mop the floor with you — and look good doing it.

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