Green Beret Bad@ss Takes On The #MeToo Ladies And It’s Epic

Written by K. Walker on January 18, 2018

By: Bryan Sikes
ClashDaily Contributor

#MeToo……what a gong show of a social movement this has become. It’s more of an entertainment story than it is an actual newsworthy topic.

Now I see the popularity of this lame hashtag infecting everything. As though every woman is seemingly “oppressed” at this point in time and has no choice but to cower under the demands of a man. All this movement seems to be doing is giving praise and perpetuating some victim mindset for women…and the general public for that matter. The real problem lies in a generally accepted weakness and living like a victim. Standing up for yourself and those around you has taken a backseat to being a strong independent woman. Act like a warrior and you’ll be treated like a warrior.

I’m honored to be surrounded by many strong women; friends, family, co- workers, etc. If anyone of them one were to find themselves in a rather precarious situation, I would suspect they’d reach for a blade, ball a fist, break a bone or otherwise defend their honor instead of dropping a hashtag so they can claim their membership to some bullshit social movement. #MeToo is not shedding light on a social problem, it’s making it okay to be a victim. Sharing a hashtag doesn’t suddenly make you a victor for the cause. It makes you a sucker.

If there were any real concern about ending sexual assault and sexual harassment (which are two vastly different things, btw) in the workplace or wherever, women would be celebrating one another for dropping an elbow on some greasy prick trying to slide his way in. Not by celebrating someone posting a hashtag or a situation that may or may not have happened 10, 20, or 30 years ago. Yes, believe it or not, broads do lie. As soon as it became a fad, it lost any level of credibility it could have had. Your social media moral outrage translates into one thing… revenue. Likely for a group of stinky, man-hating keyboard ninjas schlepping unverifiable anecdotes and mad face emojis across Facebook.

There has to be some level of intestinal fortitude and personal responsibility instilled among women in general. I see it in the chicks that I know. Nowadays, dropping a dime on someone for something as “hot button” as sexual harassment is sure to get someone fired or otherwise exiled. The days of insulating an offender are over. No one is going to risk sweeping something like that under the rug at their own potential expense. The iPhone has become the ultimate tool for exposing such injustices. Guys that cross that line should be immediately checked and unless there is a legitimate misunderstanding, be put on notice. A hashtag isn’t going to make up for something that wasn’t done at that exact moment. Before you say something like, “it’s to teach others” or “it’s to shed light on this issue” waah, waah, waah… try being more original. How about just being a strong broad that stands up for yourself and perpetuate that mentality?

My intent is not to make light of a serious matter. I’m just a regular guy that has gotten by with more brawn than brains. My intent is to share a perspective on a “social movement” that is a total joke. This whole “fist in the air, united as one, we are strong together” BS is comical. I know full well if we were to put 100 die-hard, #MeToo flag wavers in a situation where they had an opportunity to get ahead simply by throwing the others under the bus, they undoubtedly would. Between my time in the military and now in private sectors, I’ve seen more caddy ruthlessness to women by women than I could have ever imagined. If chicks were really champions of other chicks, they wouldn’t bash and sabotage each other as much as they seem to do.

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my willingness to cut someone’s throat for dishonoring a woman. I’m happy to do it and I’ll definitely make the time. The reality in all of this is that yes, violence does solve some problems. If you don’t believe that…well sorry ’bout ya. You’re just an idiot or a liberal, kinda the same thing I suppose. Example: Pistols work way better than rape whistles, I can promise you that. See, what’s actually dangerous is making it socially acceptable to see and carry yourself as a victim.

These aren’t personal recommendations, they are only the observations of the tough broads I’ve had the pleasure of being around over the years. They don’t take any shit.

FYI, I slipped in the term “broad” and “chick” just to piss the right people off. I use those words as a term of endearment to those strong badass broads I respect and associate with.


Bryan isn’t just a Green Beret and a well-spoken hero, he’s also a Purple Heart recipient.

We are grateful for his service to this great country and his razor-sharp cultural commentary.

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