Yo, NFL Dolts: 94yr. Old Bob Dole Just Put Y’all To Shame – Watch And Learn

Published on January 18, 2018

This man has more heart than all of those primadonna protesters put together, and he showed it at a ceremony in his own honor.

Maybe the NFL blowhards can take a break from their Faux Outrage about — whatever it is that even THEY can’t all agree on — and take note of what an ACTUAL hero looks like.

(And speaking of NFL blowhards, Doug Giles let them have it here:)

Bob Dole had a long life and served his country well.

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The vote for Bob Dole — who at various times has been a WWII vet, lawyer, congressman, Senator, and Presidential Candidate in ’96 — to receive the Congressional Gold Medal — was one of the few non-controversial things passed all year.

In his military service, he received a permanent injury:

In the spring of 1945, Dole’s life and physical mobility would be changed forever when was critically injured during a mission against German soldiers in Northern Italy. The goal of the mission, which Dole helped to lead, was to overtake a hill near the Apennine Mountains.

But the hill was located “across a mine-laden field covered by snipers in the hills above and machine gunners in a stone farmhouse on the right,” according to the Dole Institute. While crossing the field, Dole was hit by exploding shrapnel. He was permanently crippled as a result.

Dole has tried to hide his disability over the years, using shoulder pads in his T-shirts, suits and coats to hide his nearly-missing right shoulder, according to a New York Times article from 1996. In addition to his spinal injuries, Dole cannot use his right hand and his left hand is partially numb.

“If I rub my fingers together, it’s like rubbing sandpaper,” he recalled during the 1996 interview. “I’ve lost the sensory — and that’s from the spinal injuries.”

For his service, Dole received two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star.
Source: FoxNews

Spinal injury. The man uses a wheelchair.

But then…

…the anthem was announced.

Watch as the 94-year old man in a wheelchair — a man who was crippled from ACTUALLY fighting Nazis — called an aid over to help him with something:

So somehow, a man in a wheelchair, whose right shoulder is ‘nearly gone’ and who has limited use of his left hand can find a way to stand for the Anthem. But the million-dollar goons in the NFL can’t find enough good things to say about America to justify standing.

What a world we live in.

Bob Dole — well played, sir.

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