Here’s 6 Reasons Oprah And The Other #MeToo Feminists Have Overplayed Their Hand

Published on January 15, 2018

Virtue signaling is a poor substitute for actual virtues … like honesty or courage.

What courage does it take to stand in front of a room where there is the coordinated performance art of group repentance (black dresses) and give a speech equating the greatness of your symbolic act to the protests at Selma?


But that doesn’t stop NBC from tweeting their praise of America’s ‘next President’.

Maybe they should have consulted the will of The Governed before making that pronouncement. Short-circuiting the Primaries didn’t work out so well last time, remember?

But rushing to join the Metoo bandwagon isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Seal called her out, but he wasn’t the only one.

1) It sets itself up as judge, jury and executioner.

If a man is accused, he is summarily marked for destruction, with no distinction given between an anonymous reference to a drunken pass at an office party to dozens of credible on-the-record accusations of rape or sexual exploitation (with a corresponding financial settlement, or admission of a ‘sexual addiction’ etc for which he is now seeking ‘counselling’).

2) They KNEW, or should have known that their friends were bad people

Oprah was in photos hanging off of Harvey Weinstein’s arm or kissing his cheek/sucking on his earlobe, and a young victim said that Oprah’s endorsement of him is why she felt safe to bring her reel to Harvey’s Hotel Room. That ended as badly as you might imagine.

But it was an open secret that he was a disgusting pig.

30 Rock joke referenced Harvey Weinstein allegations in 2012

And yet, 30 Rock was where Matt Lauer worked, and they said nothing about HIM …

3) These bad people with money and influence were even elevated

He gave big money to Planned Parenthood and similar causes so he was counted as a Feminist in good standing.

To A-listers, Harvey Weinstein is “God” (not even ‘a god’)

And Roman Polanski “wasn’t rape-rape”, right, Whoopi?

4) Their moralistic outrage is selective.

Hollywood had no problem throwing Bill Cosby under the bus — he didn’t agree with their politics anyway. They never did forgive him for that poundcake speech.

But they still embrace the Clintons, despite those many accusers.

5) By forcing every unwanted advance into the ‘rape’ category, they are diluting the meaning and even seriousness of rape.

You aren’t merely destroying the career of some poor schmuck who misread the look on her face and tried to lean in for an unwanted kiss, you are also trivializing the wrongdoings of those who actually abused their power and position to force sexual favors out of unwilling women.

(See ‘Pussycat Dolls‘, a story that gets lost in the shuffle, and lead to a suicide.)

How can we possibly muster the same moral outrage for a boorish pinch on the fanny as we have for the gang in the back alley who take their turns on some defenseless young woman?

Every self-respecting man reading that sentence would love to see the gang-rapists shot dead (or worse). But would be quite happy to see the pincher get his face slapped or a drink dumped over his head.

MeToo leaves no room for a sense of proportion.

6) Women aren’t the weak victims MeToo presents them as being

FRENCH actress Catherine Deneuve had led a campaign to denounce a “witch-hunt” launched against men following the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal, saying the #Metoo campaign was fuelled by a hatred of men.
…“This summary online justice has already claimed its victims: men have been sanctioned, some forced to resign, when all they did wrong was touch a knee, steal a kiss, talk about ‘intimate’ matters during a work dinner or send sexually explicit text messages to women who did not feel the same way about them.
…She said: “A man’s right to ‘bother’ a love interest is an essential part of sexual freedom.
“Women today are sufficiently enlightened to admit that the sexual urge is by nature both wild and aggressive.
“But we are also sufficiently lucid to not confuse a man’s awkward attempt at flirting with sexual harassment.”
Source: Express

And on a lighter note…

Women are great. Just like our very own President Trump says, we like all women except Rosie O’Donnell and her feminist pals.

How do you confuse a feminist? (Tell her she can’t make you a sandwich!)

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