HS Teacher Put On Leave After Anti-Military Rant – We Think They Should Can Him

Written by K. Walker on January 30, 2018

This anti-military buffoon doesn’t deserve to stay in his teaching job.

The way that this guy spoke about our men and women in uniform is absolutely disgusting.

It’s obvious that he’s never really been around the brave and intelligent members of our military.

If you missed the viral video that prompted this teacher’s sudden leave, you can catch it here:

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Watch: HS Teacher Filmed Telling Kids Our Military Personnel Are ‘The Lowest Of Low’

A 17-year-old student, identified as Victor Quiñonez on a KTLA broadcast, recorded his teacher criticizing him for wearing a sweatshirt that said “U.S. Marines Corps.” Salcido is heard on the video — which had been viewed nearly 6.4 million times as of 6 p.m. Monday — saying only those without options would choose the military as a career and called them the “lowest of the low.”

“We definitely are following up in the investigation process, which is going to be exhaustive of any kind of evidence that can help us to determine a lot of the actions that we need to implement,” Aguilera-Fort said.

Gregory Salcido isn’t just a teacher at El Rancho High School, he’s also a Pico Rivera Councilman and appears to have been the former Mayor.

This bro is being paid from the public coffers twice. Sure, it’s not much, but he’s still bellying up to the public trough while spouting disrespectful things about our military to students.

A quick search on Transparent California shows Salcido’s salary as a councilman and Mayor from 2014-2016.

This bro needs to go.

So far, it’s just a ‘leave of absence’ from teaching.

Salcido will not be able to go to the classroom and “all the results will be pending the investigation,” Aguilera-Fort said. “One thing we are telling people for sure is that the commitment of the board and the superintendent and the staff is to really get to the bottom of this for the community.”

Salcido, 49, in a text message to this news organization, said he was not conducting any interviews at this time.

“Based on the many hateful, vulgar, and violent threats being made against me and my family, my priority is the emotional and physical health of my wife and son,” he said in the text.

Seriously? Threats?

Look, the dude is obviously a d-bag, but threatening violence against him only helps him — he can now play the victim card.

Police are now patrolling Salcido’s neighborhood as well as that of Quiñonez. They are also preparing for a large turnout at the next school board and city council meetings.

Salcido has often been at odds with his fellow councilmen, and they’ve issued a statement.

Salcido’s fellow councilmen issued a statement Sunday, stating their opposition to his remarks. Salcido, the longest-serving member of the council, has a history of being at odds with the majority of the council on votes regarding the city manager’s contract, a townhome project and the expansion of an auto repair shop.

“We the elected governing body of the city of Pico Rivera unequivocally disagree and condemn the recent comments made by Councilmember Salcido regarding those individuals who have served or are currently serving in our nation’s military,” according to the statement signed by Mayor Gustavo Camacho and councilmen Bob Archuleta, David Armenta and Brent Tercero.

“The City Council and residents of Pico Rivera are steadfast in the recognition that the contributions by those who have served or are currently serving our country via military service are respected and we are grateful for their service,” they said.

A handful of military men met across the street from El Rancho High School on Monday morning to protest Salcido’s vicious comments. One city councilman, Bob Archuleta, who is also a veteran, met with them.

[Councilman Bob] Archuleta, an Army veteran and a Los Angeles County Commissioner of Military Veteran’s Affairs, met Monday morning with two men standing across the street from El Rancho High School to protest Salcido’s comments.

“I’m compelled to be here because my sons have been calling me to stand up and remind all of us here in America that our young men and women who are serving our country today are the brightest and best we have,” majority member Archurleta said. “They’re not dumb—-s,” he said in reference to one of the expletives Salcido used in describing people who serve in the military.

His two sons — Brandon, an Army major and Matthew, an Army captain — are West Point graduates. Archuleta disputed Salcido’s assertion that those who join the military have 0.0 GPAs with no other life options.

“They chose to serve this country because they want to do a great job of representing this great nation,” he said.
Source: Whittier Daily News

Wow! Sounds like Gregory Salcido has really ticked off the wrong people — Patriots!

There are currently two online petitions to have Salcido fired from the school:

Demand Gregory Salcido be fired from El Rancho HS for Anti-Military Rant

Fire Gregory Salcido for vulgar classroom conduct!

And as for his political career? Well, if I were Salcido, I’d be looking for a new gig.

What do you think?

Take our poll then let us know what you think in the comments!

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