Why Do Liberals Continue To Support Fake Feminist Linda Sarsour?

Written by Sylvia Andrews on January 3, 2018

Linda Sarsour is a fake feminist.

This Brooklyn-born Muslim has successfully passed herself off to the Progressives as a feminist heroine who fights for the rights of women. However, our girl Linda is no feminist. She is a follower of Sharia law where a woman has no rights and no recourse when she is harmed. As Executive Director of the Arab-American Association of New York, she enabled sexual harassment and assault against a woman who worked for her.

Asmi Fathelbab sought assistance with claims of sexual harassment and assault by a Muslim man in the building. Sarsour dismissed the claims and threatened to destroy Fathelbab’s chances of getting another job if she did not retract the statement. This so-called feminist and women’s advocate has had Fathelbab fired from other jobs and left her without any steady employment and income for several years. Sarsour always manages to voice the typical Islamic line, which is that men are always right and it’s always the woman’s fault. Linda advocates for men, not women.

She has allied herself with Progressives and consistently practices taqiyya while bashing the United States, our President, Israel and the Jews. This Sharia advocate was also a co-chairperson of the 2017 Women’s March which wasn’t really a march for women. It was a march of Progressive, uninformed, gullible women who bought all the lies and deceit which were delivered by Sarsour and her “celebrity” dhimmis. She vows that anything that has to do with Israel or Zionism will be banned for the 2018 Women’s March and that Sharia and Hamas support women’s rights.

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On November 29, 2017, the New School in NYC held a panel on anti-Semitism with Linda, a known anti-Semite, on the panel. Sarsour and the other panelists spend most of their time making anti-Israel, anti-Trump, pro-Progressive remarks, but anti-Semitism was not addressed in a constructive manner. The editor of the Jerusalem Post said that this was an exercise of “anti-Semites on anti-Semitism”. She constantly trashes the United States and opposes the existence of Israel. She wants one state with an Arab majority and a Jewish minority. With a deal like that we can all see that the Jews living there would obliterated in a very short time since Islam does not tolerate other religions, and killing Jews has been mentioned many times in the Qur’an.

How can Sarsour’s Islam be compatible with the Progressive agenda? Here are some areas to ponder, from Sharia law, regarding women:
A woman or girl, who is raped, cannot testify in court against her rapist.
Testimony of four male witnesses is needed to prove the rape of a female.
A woman or girl who alleges rape, but does not produce four male witnesses, is guilty of adultery.
A woman or girl found guilty of rape is punished by death.
Muslim men have sexual rights to any woman or girl not wearing a hijab.
A woman is allowed one husband, but the husband can have four wives.
A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is nine years old.
Mohammed wrote that a girl’s clitoris should be cut. (Female Genital Mutilation/FGM)
A female heir inherits one-half of what a male heir inherits.
A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative.
Muslim men can beat their wives and commit marital rape by permission of Allah.

…and this is just a small example of the “rights” that a Muslim woman has, and this is what stupid Liberal pseudo-feminist American women are willing to go with by following the fake feminist, Sarsour. The comments, actions and support of Sharia certainly do not make Linda Sarsour a person that any American should be following. She is leading the Liberal so-called feminist morons down a path to subjugation and hell. When will these people wake up?

Last word: Feminism, as it originally appeared, is not the same as the garbage that Sarsour and the Progressives are pushing today. It is not feminism, it is taqiyya on steroids. You cannot believe in Sharia and be a feminist.

Image: Excerpted from: Festival of Faiths from Louisville, United States – Islamophobia Discussion with Linda Sarsour, Ingrid Mattson, and Imam Zaid Shakir, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=55128970

Sylvia Andrews
Sylvia Andrews has a Masters Degree in nursing, and has practiced for many years. She is politically active, holds strong opinions about how and where the country should be headed. A well-travelled person, she’s been to almost all 50 states and several foreign countries. She advocates for the Constitution and very much for the 2nd Amendment. She can be contacted at sfa1932@att.net


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