Gentle ‘Migrants’ Curb Stomped Lady Cop In Kumbayah France

Published on January 3, 2018

Didn’t take long to go from ‘refugees welcome’ to this, now, did it?

Angela Merkel to the Mayor of London to the Pope himself gave us all sorts of pretty platitudes about Europe’s moral obligation to build bridges, not walls.

Now that the threat lives INSIDE the border, and there’s no easy way to remove it.

What happy platitudes do you have to offer the citizens that realize THIS is happening in their own Capital by people with no regard for the laws or customs of the nation that welcomed them?

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We’ve already seen London’s mayor telling us, essentially, to get used to the new normal of terror being part of living in a big city.

Are we now supposed to ‘get used to’ the streets of major European Capitals starting to look like a scene out of Black Hawk Down?

What you’re about to see in this clip happened in the suburbs of PARIS.

Mobs swarming the street. A squad car flipped over. A lady cop getting curb-stomped, just because they can, and nobody dares to stop them. Here’s the video:

Is THIS ‘acceptable’?

The French government has vowed a crackdown after separate attacks on French police officers over New Year, which included a policewoman being repeatedly kicked and beaten in a “savage” assault that was filmed and posted on social media.
French political leaders have vowed justice and promised a crackdown after a shocking attack on a female police officer on New Year’s Eve was filmed and posted online.

The attack in the eastern Paris suburb of Champigny-sur-Marne saw the officer knocked to the ground before being repeatedly kicked and punched in the head and body.

…It’s not clear what happened next but two police officers, one female and one male, became isolated among the crowd. Video images show youths turning over a police patrol car to cheers from crowds.
Then images show the policewoman knocked to the road and repeatedly kicked and punched.
Her colleague was also attacked and suffered a broken nose.
Two people were detained on suspicion of vandalism, but no one has been arrested for attacking the police.
Source: TheLocal

And don’t give us the ‘isolated incident’ line, either.

It wasn’t that long ago — also in Paris — in broad daylight, a police car was mobbed, attacked, and even set on fire.

What should be done at this point?

Change the rules of engagement when a mob encircles the cops? — At what point does the principle of self-defence come into play? Any one of those kicks to the head might have been lethal or left her permanently disabled. But she couldn’t defend herself?

Attacks by mobs on police cruisers are commonplace.

What’s the solution?

Start deporting migrants? You’ve seen how they treat cops. Can anyone imagine what that would even LOOK like, logistically?

Arm the native-born populations with Second-Amendment type rights? And possibly guns?

Authorize police to lethal force to disband mobs when they attack police?

Turn your attention to the mosques — and start shutting down ones that tell citizens to flagrantly ignore local laws?

Something else?

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