McCain To ‘The View’ Coven: ‘I Have Never Felt More Conservative And Defensive Of The Trump Base’

Written by K. Walker on January 6, 2018

Meghan McCain is the lone conservative on The View panel. She was also a NeverTrumper. It would seem that her time on The View has cured her of that affliction.

When you sit day after day as the sole non-leftist with the coven of harpies constantly shrieking their progressive nonsense, it’s got to be frustrating. It seems to be taking a toll on Meghan McCain.

And, yes, Meghan McCain is indeed the daughter of Sen. John McCain (RINO-AZ).

Unlike her anti-Trump dad, though, Meghan has been forced to defend President Trump and his policies. She’s even had to dropkick the lie crazy conspiracy theory that Trump would turn a blind eye or even support ‘gays being killed in the streets’.

How she can sit through all that bull is a mystery to me.

On yesterday’s show, McCain said, ‘I have never felt more conservative and more defensive of the middle of the country than I have before I started working on this show.’

Doug thinks that the real nutters are the leftists trying to peddle this crap:

In a lengthy back and forth, McCain took on the entire View coven and just destroyed their little ideological bubble.

It. Was. Beautiful.

The discussion began right at the opening of the show when introducing the news of the day, which inevitably included the new book by proud bloviator, Michael Wolff.

When McCain tried to bring in the good news that’s been going on — the Dow surpassing 25K for the first time ever and the unemployment rate at record lows — Hostin asked, ‘Can presidents really take credit for that, though?’ Behar, delusional as usual, said that President Trump is still riding Obama’s coattails on the economy. McCain sets her straight.


Of course, the leftist shrews at The View gobbled up the gossip about President Trump’s alleged memory problems and then wove their conspiracy of President Trump suffering from Alzheimer’s disease on television.

Sunny Hostin insisted that the Wolff book’s unfounded allegations of President Trump’s ‘short-term memory loss’ is proof positive that he’s mentally unfit for office. And that’s the plan.

Behar touts her superior medical diagnosing skills by saying that she has ‘suspected from the beginning’ that President Trump has short-term memory loss.

When challenged on repeating yourself as a sign of short-term memory loss by fellow panelist, Paula Faris, she laid out her case:

BEHAR: You don’t understand what it is if you say that. What it is is — I say to you, ‘You know, do you like my jacket? It’s really cute. I bought it at Bergdorf, ok.’ And then you say something and then I say, ‘Do you like my jacket? It’s really cute. I bought it at Bergdorf.’ I forgot that I just said it. That’s is what short-term memory loss is. And he’s doing it.

HOSTIN: Yes, and it’s a sign of Alzheimer’s.

BEHAR: I don’t need a medical degree for what I just said. I know what it is.


MCCAIN: This is an ethically ambiguous area of diagnosing — we’re not doctors. Do any of us have a medical degree? We’re not doctors. There’s a lot of bigger problems and proverbial proof about things that are going on and diagnosing our president’s mental health is–

BEHAR (interrupting): We’re not diagnosing! A psychiatrist did this!

MCCAIN: We’re not doctors. We’re talk show hosts.

HOSTIN: I don’t think it’s a stretch to — when you know the fact that his father had Alzheimer’s for six years and then died…there is an increased risk for getting Alzheimer’s if your father has it.

MCCAIN: My father has glioblastoma. Does that mean I’m going to get it? No.

Glioblastoma, the brain cancer that Sen. McCain is suffering from, likely has a hereditary component, just like Alzheimer’s. But that didn’t stop Hostin’s insistance that the President has Alzheimer’s.

The confrontation continued after the commercial break, and McCain defended the Trump base while the Progressive hags on the panel were dismissive of those that gave President Trump the political win in 2016.

MCCAIN: The question is does his base care? Does his base care about all of us getting up in a tizzy. Rightfully so. This is a very salacious, juicy book. Do his supporters care? I was at home in Arizona, I know you don’t like to hear this and be reminded that he has a dedicated base–

BEHAR: Why do you say we don’t want to hear it? I’d love to hear it.

MCCAIN: Ok great. I was in Cottonwood, Arizona, going to Walmart. Stopped at the gas station. There was a guy in a Make America Great Again hat. Go to that Walmart, Make America Great Again hats. A year out and his supporters–

BEHAR: That’s 30% of the population

MCCAIN: He has a very dedicated base. Their base was enough to get him elected the first time. Will it be enough to get him elected a second time? I’m just trying to explain to you that he has a base of dedicated supporters and things that we, in the media care about, I don’t know if necessarily the average person who sees the Dow up, who sees the unemployment rates at all-time low, if they care in the same way

HOSTIN: I give Americans more credit than that, Meghan. I think people are watching. I think people are reading. I think people are very concerned that he’s playing chicken with Kim Jong-Un. I think people are concerned about their children.

MCCAIN: We’re talking about his base, aren’t we?

HOSTIN: His base is only 30% of the population. What about the other 70% of the population that are watching and listening? They do care about that.

Are you surprised that these progressive gorgons on The View dismiss the red state Trump supporters?

So much for their ‘tolerance’ and inclusivity.

As for Meghan McCain, she’s doing a great job trying to push through the Media (D) blackout of President Trump’s successes.

And, good on her for doing it.

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