Pathetic: Angry Snowflakes Say This New War Movie Promotes ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Published on January 30, 2018

Leave it to the effeminate left to get this issue so very, very wrong.

They think the solution to the “MeToo” problem is to reduce ‘toxic masculinity’.

So they are protesting War Movies. Specifically ’12 Strong’.

Opening this weekend, “12 Strong” is a movie depicting the first military offensive against the Taliban in Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks — a tale of 12 Army Green Berets who befriend members of the Afghan Northern Alliance and go into battle outnumbered and on horseback.

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…Now, the “toxic masculinity” defeated an international terror organization on the sands of an unfamiliar country, sending its leader into the wilds of Pakistan and destroying the Al Qaeda network which had just killed more than 3,000 American citizens on United States soil.

But, according to The Intercept, it’s time to put an end to glorifying heroics demonstrated during war.
Source: DailyWire

What is upsetting to them? They tell us, in their own words:

“In the same way that Hemsworth’s assault weapon goes rat-tat-tat and the bad guys fall like bulleted dominoes, the scene itself checks off one born-in-Hollywood cliché after another: of the rugged gunslinger, the warrior in camo, good versus evil, the modern vanquishing the profane, a man at his fullest,” Maass whines.

That “masculine nonsense,” Maass claims, “does violence to us all.”
Source: DailyWire

Here’s the trailer where you can judge for yourself:

Stop and think about the Leftist ‘logic’.

They are worried about a connection between strong masculinity and #MeToo. Let’s break that down a little.

Bill Clinton — whose name is synonymous with the sexual sins he got busted for and the ones he got away with…

… was hardly an example of towering masculinity. Clinton was — famously — a draft dodger.

And what about Weinstein? That fetid lump of leering toxicity is hardly what people think of as ‘quintessentially masculine’.

Just look at him.

He’s Rosie, with 5 O’clock shadow.

Or look at the people of a *particular* culture with a reputation for finding sexual gratification with animals, or mannequins, and who have caused problems in, say, Cologne Germany, or Sweden, or the UK.

The people that are really dangerous to women are the kind who have power without self-control. Read: self-discipline.

Political power. Economic power. Acting as a mob.

The common denominator: no threat of legal consequence.

These are weak men who do not self-regulate, and do not think they will be held to account.

So why do feminists hate war movies? Becuase they portray STRONG men.

And feminists really don’t like strong men.

Strong men are independent, and not looking for a big government to ‘save’ them.

That’s why they are so notoriously hard to fit into those little ‘Progressive’ boxes.

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