Podcast: Christianity, The Arts And The Church’s Addiction To Mediocrity

Written by K. Walker on January 18, 2018

Art made by Believers wasn’t ALWAYS relegated to the ‘Christian Ghetto’… here’s where we went wrong.

Suppose you’re a talented artist. Or musician. Or architect.

Is ‘glorifying God’ limited to churning out half-assed “Precious Moments” / “Thomas Kinkade BS”? Or is it supposed to be something much more than that?

Rich and Doug discuss the powerful role artists have played, throughout history, in communicating life’s complexities through the painter’s brush, the writer’s pen and the singer’s song. Artistic Christians will definitely want to hear this podcast.

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What if we told you it’s possible to be a faithful believer and paint subjects that have no associated Bible Verse.

What if we said you can paint a portrait of a famous — albeit deeply-flawed — historical figure.

Not just King David

But Winston Churchill, too:

Or Keith Richards, or a Viking warrior. Or a Tribal Chieftain. (You can find them all in there at Doug’s art site: douggiles)

We’re not supposed to half-ass it with just another ‘gentle Jesus’ with a lamb across his shoulders.

If you’re gonna show us an animal, the way we glorify God is by producing something worth looking at. Like this:

Or something that will keep you up at night, like this:

Think you’re ready for the podcast?

Then here you go:

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