‘Protesters’ Don’t Like Monkey Shirt So … They Decide To Destroy The Store

Published on January 13, 2018

In a day when even milk is racist, however innocent the intent, this hoodie was just asking for trouble.

You just KNOW the ‘take offense brigade’ was going to show up in full force.

We just weren’t expecting them to wreck a store over it.

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Seriously, get a grip, people.

Here was the hoodie that set the interwebz abuzz:

Having a black kid model it just made things worse.

But with the way people are reacting, you’d think someone drew a cartoon of Mohammed or something.

It was outrageous. Here’s one attack filmed as it happened.

Who do they think they’re REALLY hurting? Store executives? Or the part-time employees, students and single moms that can’t show up to work now.

This was a political activist group.


Apparently they never learned anything from the lessons in our viral post about why looting is a bad idea.

It isn’t hurting who you THINK it’s hurting, genius.

How about some of you would-be ‘protesters’ take a breather, read this, and grow the eff up. Huh?

That’ would be great.

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