Trump Crushes Psych Exam – I Wonder If Hillary, Nancy, Sheila, Debbie & Maxine Would

Published on January 17, 2018

We’ve got bad news for anyone holding out hope to use the 25th Amendment to unseat Trump.

With the wheels falling off of almost every bus they’ve tried to throw Trump under — including that Big hope of hitting him with Mueller — they’re running out of options to de-legitimize him.

And now that Wolff released a book whose facts even the author could not validate, the media was boarding yet another bus they hoped to throw Trump under.

How embarrassing for them.

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Becuase just as the Media (D) was busy convincing one another how mentally unsound our President was, the President was meeting his doctor for his annual physical.

The doctor — whose office is close to Trump’s, and literally sees the President EVERY DAY — saw no need to take even a cursory mental screening test. “I didn’t feel it was clinically indicated.”

But the President requested one. And so, the doctor conducted a test.

We’re cued up to the first reference to it:

Picking up at the 31:30 mark, he goes into more detail about the cognitive tests.

He scored 30/30 on the Montreal mental test — screening test for dementia.

Can you think of anyone else who might want to take that test?

Pelosi, maybe?
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Or maybe Mad Maxine?

GOOD LAWD! Did Mad Maxine Waters Just Physically Threaten President Trump?

Or after his freak-out, what about Booker and his ‘tears of rage‘ over the unconfirmed sh*thole comment.

In fact — wouldn’t you just love to see how well Joe and Mika or the Coven on The View would handle the same test?

But they wouldn’t dare. Because if they came back with a score lower than Trump’s, they would NEVER live it down.

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