Watch: Black Bro Goes Off On DACA & Cali Lawmakers – It’s Brutal And Hilarious

Published on January 16, 2018

This bro LIVES in that neighborhood… and he’s not pulling any punches.

Here’s a guy who lives in ‘the hood’, who went before his government to testify, and he is making his case for why California’s whole approach to sanctuary cities and unlimited immigration is not just wrong, it’s dangerous and immoral.

He’s bold. He’s articulate, and he’s lo-o-o-ong past caring about what anybody thinks about how PC his opinions are.

Maybe the MAGA hat would have been a tip-off?

He goes down a long list of all the things we’re not supposed to admit about the criminal aliens (since people are ‘sensitive’ to the term ‘illegal immigrants’) that are being massively imported to his neighborhood.

He tells you about the cocaine, and about the fake ID’s, and about all kinds of fake-ness.

“And if Mr Trump would allow us, I’d organize some brothers and we’d put all your asses under some citizens’ arrest who are illegal”

That’s what chutzpah sounds like.

When someone on the panel chastized him as being out of order, he put her right in her place, about how she’s wasting his time, and he doesn’t much like her attitude anyway.

He starts pointing around the room at elected officials. You I like. I like your decisions. Your daddy was great. Your brother was a one-termer and if you don’t watch yourself, you’ll be a one-termer. He Loves Catherine Barber, but just don’t be with that bullcrap.

Then he calls out someone in a way that you’ll have to watch to believe.

It’s a rare thing in kale-eating California, but it’s out there, and this guy has it in spades.

But as the late-night infomercials say… wait, there’s more!

The next person to step is a female citizen who’s pointing directly at an elected official. She’s been made homeless (and is one of seven) due to ‘housing corruption in your district’ and has not been helped despite the commitment to bring in more illegal immigrants.

She’s standing up to say that American families are upset and afraid because Cartels who stand to be deported are making life frightening for the actual Citizens. In fact the now-homeless citizens own child was one of the people who has been attacked by these cartels.

‘It is America first. And we will call the Federal Government on all of you guys to get our country back.’

Next up was a LEGAL immigrant from El Salvador. She was incensed that ‘illegal criminals’ are being welcomed. She called out the government with the obvious: The use of our tax dollars to fund illegal aliens is prohibited by the Constitution of the United States and I learned that when I became a citizen’.

She’s firey and she’s awesome.

And another Latina (also a citizen) stepped up and spoke about the Constitution.

Someone else spoke through a translator saying that she does not agree with sanctuary cities because her children need funding for schools.

Again and again, people who love America, who love their neighborhoods, who value the rule of law stepped up and demonstrated that this isn’t a question of race. This is a question of citizenship and the rule of law.

So maybe the Dems can stop trying to characterize this as mean white people who don’t like brown people.

The people who live there — including black and latin — are not being heard.

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