Clash Question: Do You GAF If A Certain ‘Religion’ Hates Our Beer, Bacon & Babes?

Published on February 11, 2018

Does the question even cross your mind?

Or are you just too busy with work, family, and occasionally having a good time to notice?

We take for granted some simple joys in life.

A nice, cold beer on a hot day — hell, even a warm one ain’t so bad!

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The salty crunch of properly-cooked bacon.

And the amazing way those feminine curves fill out a bikini.


And when these things converge? Even better.

But, one religion doesn’t like any of those things.

Alcohol is a problem, so are pork products, and women showing the smallest hint of skin.

Well, there goes the weekend pool party.

Maybe that’s why they’re so grouchy.

(Or why their goats have their own #MeToo problem.)

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