Dear CNN: The CO-ED Was Raped And Murdered By A ‘Poor Migrant’ – Is That ‘News?

Published on February 11, 2018

But we need to bring more refugees into the country without questions because that’s ‘compassionate’, right?

The brutal rape and murder of university student Maria Ladenburger in Frieburg, Germany was committed by a 17-year old Afghan Refugee.

There are questions whether or not the man accused is actually 17-years old, as he was an ‘unaccompanied’ refugee. It has been suggested that many of these ‘unaccompanied’ teens are actually adult men in their early 20s.

Maria was just 19-years old and a medical student at the university in Frieburg. She was the daughter of a high E.U. official.

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The crime occurred on October 16 when she was heading home from a party in the early hours of the morning. She had been raped and drowned in a nearby river. She was found the next day by a jogger.

German student Maria L. was killed by an Afghan refugee
Police just confirmed that a german uni student Maria L. was killed by an Afghan “17yr” old unaccompanied refugee.
More information will follow soon…

Translated from German:

The Black Forest Hall at the Bissierstraße is filled. According to BZ information, the suspect is a 17-year-old unaccompanied minor foreigner.
(This wording suggests a refugee there!)

The perpetrator is [supposedly] 17 years old Afghan

Inhofer: After the suspect had been identified and arrested, a DNA sample was collected and examined last night at the LKA, the DNA of the man agrees with the DNA on the corpse. The man was arrested for the urgency of rape and murder. It is a seventeen-year-old Afghan, who has been submitted without a family in 2015. He lived with a family until the deed. He does not make any statements so far. There is as yet no connection to the Tat in Endingen, but there are not yet all the traces evaluated.

Trial Update:

At the start of the criminal proceedings at Landgericht Freiburg in September 2017, Khavari confessed the rape and killing of Ladenburger. He also confessed having lied about his age and that he was older than he had been officially claimed to be. A surveillance video from a Freiburg Tram taken on the day of the crime, which was presented at the trial, shows that the defendant had molested two other women shortly prior to the rape and murder of Ladenburger. According to the testimony of a cellmate of the defendant at court, Khavari had told him that at the age of 14 years he had raped a 12-year-old girl in Iran. In addition, the witness said that Khavari had told him that he came from Iran, not from Afghanistan, Khavari himself had claimed in Germany. According to a forensic dentist witness in court, analysis of a tooth of Khavari, showed that the defendant is 25 years old, and therefore not a juvenile. As the Iranian father of Khavari told the court via phone, there is an official document which states January 29th 1984 as date of birth of the accused.
Source: Wiki

This is what you get when you allow hundreds of thousands of refugees into your country without proper screening.

Yes, Merkel, we’re looking at you.

Even she regrets what she has done.

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Doesn’t Trump’s ‘Extreme Vetting’, sound even better now?

Of course, those wussies in the Media (D) won’t be reporting this anytime soon because it just doesn’t fit the narrative of the poor refugees.


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