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News Clash

Dear America: Look What CNN Fed Shooting Survivor For Interview – #fakenews

“Jerry Springer Territory”, critics said. Is this more funny, or sad?

Some mole working for a rival network would be hard pressed to sabotage CNN’s ‘good name’ than what they are quite happily doing for themselves.

They insist WE all listen to the victims. But where is that listening when those same victims shoot down CNN’s precious narrative?

CNN tells us we must NOT listen when they claim CNN scripted the questions one of the young students JROTC with some informed (but not gun-grabbing) views.

This JROTC member, Patrick Colton Haab claims that CNN rejected the questions he wanted to ask, and gave him other ones instead. (Hint: they included questions about ‘hardening’ schools with armed security.)

What did they show instead of substantive questions like Haab’s?

The Jerry Springer show.  Hey CNN — when Greg Gutfield, who doesn’t take himself particularly seriously, is the ‘voice of reason’ to what YOU are doing, what does that say about you?

After Trump’s rather impressive listening session, where he heard the concerns and complaints of interested parties, including survivors of the latest school shooting, CNN put up their ‘contribution’ to the public conversation.

It was unintentionally comic.

Better still, it was live-Tweeted by various critics. Some of the more entertaining interaction involved Greg Gutfield and Stephen Millar aka @redSteeze.

What was that moment? Here’s the link:

Cheers of the crowd. Those are now part of the ‘narrative’. In the same category as ‘push polls’.

But they would have us believe NRA is the boogeyman? Hold that thought:

Maybe you heard that we MUST listen to these kids. We ‘must’ hear their experiences that have been imbued with absolute moral authority.

But not Scalese. He doesn’t get that same ‘absolute moral authority’ of other victims.

CNN said they don’t script questions.

And we TOTALLY Believe them, right Donna?


Nope. these clowns aren’t working on an agenda.

Not at all.

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